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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

The Talon. Clark, Lana, and Lana's biological dad are sitting at a table. In between bites of naturefied granola, Henry Small says he's sorry about Clark's dad, but can't represent him. Lana asks why. Small says he's not the right man. Clark says it sounds like he's the perfect guy. The, I mean, the Small guy says he can offer some referrals. When Lana protests, he gets up and says that his decision's final. Jerk! "Just when I thought I was getting to know him," Lana excretes. Yes. Let's focus on you again, Lana. How I've missed this. Clark, disappointed, says they need to find another lawyer. Lana says there's something she has to tell him. She says she went by the mansion the day before to drop off The Talon's quarterly tax bills. She says Bo was there. And he was yelling at Papa Luthor.

We flash to the high-exposure scene of Lana walking in. She's wearing a nice brown coat that suits her better than her usual pink wardrobe. She walks in on lightning, and on Bo yelling at Papa Luthor. "You're jumping to conclusions!" Papa Luthor says loudly. He says that something was just a token of appreciation. Bo says it was more than that. I think they're talking about the watch Papa Luthor gave MamaKent last week. Papa Luthor chuckles and says that an expensive watch like that is the equivalent of a Whitman's Sampler from Bo. Ha! You bastard! Bo mutters under his breath, "You arrogant, condescending son of a..." Say, it, Bo, say it! As Papa Luthor walks off, Bo tells him that the worst thing that ever happened to his family was getting involved with the Luthors. Papa Luthor says that the benefits were mutual. He reminds Bo, as Lana stands in the hall listening, about Clark's adoption. Bo says that Papa Luthor's poison, and that the town would be better off without him. Papa Luthor says that's partly Bo's fault. He says that MamaKent was worried Bo wouldn't be, um, "big enough." Daaaaaaamn! He concludes that sentence by adding, "to let her live her own life." But the damage is done. Bo tells Papa Luthor to stay away from MamaKent. "Or you will live to regret it!" Bo yells. I thought they decided last week that working for Papa Luthor was a good idea.

We come back to Very Pink Lana. She says that Bo threatened Papa Luthor. Clark, confused, says Bo told Clark he'd been running errands. Errands of the heart? Clark wonders why Bo would lie to him. Lana says she spoke to Sheriff Ethan earlier and told him what she just told Clark. She says she didn't want to say anything, but she couldn't lie. Clark says it's fine. He says that Lana knows his dad wouldn't try to kill anyone. "Right?" he asks. Lana says he was angry, but adds, "I know him. And there's no way." She could have been one of O.J.'s friends. Clark thanks her. Deep eye gazes.

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