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Who Shot Papa Luthor?

Kent home. The police are bagging up evidence. One of them lazily looks in a drawer and then closes it. "Hey, what's with all this cow paraphernalia?" one of them whispers. "It's kind of creepy. Almost as bad as when we found all those copies of Inch magazine over at the Luthor castle." Clark walks in on this. "Mom?" he calls out. "What's going on?" Oh, mercy, mercy me. Radiation in the ground, Clark. MamaKent comes over and tells him that the cops have a search warrant. Clark examines the warrant, as if he has some sort of legal training that could help him overturn it. Sheriff Ethan comes over. He's holding a baggie. He says he found a watch on the floor. MamaKent says simply that it was a gift. "From who?" he asks. Long pause. Even Clark is interested. More of a pause. Clark, annoyed, says it was from Papa Luthor. MamaKent looks embarrassed. Ethan reads the inscription out loud: "To Martha, with deepest affection, L.L." MamaKent says she was going to give it back because she knew Bo Duke would be furious if he saw it. So you kept it? Silly, silly woman. She says she hid it in her dresser. So, of course, when Bo Duke was looking for some panties to know what? I just completely grossed myself out. Let's move on. Ethan says gravely that Bo Duke must have found it. "Ethan," MamaKent begins and says that Ethan has known Bo since high school. Ethan, with his sad basset-hound eyes, says that he can't let his friendship get in the way of his job. Ethan says it looks like motive. "He found a watch and smashed it!" MamaKent explains. The hole you're digging? Deeper. She says that doesn't mean he's a killer. Ethan says he also had an argument with Papa Luthor the day before. MamaKent is surprised by that. Clark says that Lana was there too. Ethan says the argument was so "heated" (oh really?) that one of Papa Luthor's lackeys called in to get a restraining order. Ethan says that Bo Duke was "still hot under the collar when he got to the Wild Coyote." That is a line I never thought I would write in a Smallville recap. Ethan says that the bartender told him Bo got pretty drunk.

Cut to: Bo getting pretty drunk. He downs a beer in this horror-movie-looking bar. A flashing neon sign says, "Cold Beer." This is one of those times I actually wish there were product placement. Like, "Schlitz: The Beer of Champions (and cow lovers)." Bo puts down his beer glass and tells Mike the Bartender to get him a double shot of "that tequila." Go Bo! We see two more beer signs that are generic and just say "Beer." Bo does a double shot and puts the shot glass in the beer glass.

Cut back to Clark. He says his dad said he only had one beer. Bo said he had half a beer, Clark. You just made things twice as bad for his case. Ethan says he administered the blood-alcohol test himself. Bo was at "2.0." Ooh, I'm liking this new Bo Duke, Version 2.0: With expanded drunkard capabilities and prison soap-dropping action hands. Ethan says that's quite a bit more than one beer. Hell, that's death! Ethan says it sounds like Bo was "spoiling for a fight."

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