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Things go better with pot

Forget Viagra. If you want to keep your man going all night long -- and into the next week -- stick a hand-held movie camera in the bedroom. Susan and Bruce are playing under the covers on a bright morning, and Susan playfully protests, "We're going to wake the neighbors!" Bruce ripostes, "I think they'd approve. Or we can just invite them over." Ha -- that little in-joke is the first clue that's indicated why Susan puts up with this clod. He makes her laugh.

We transition over to a plane, where Captain Decker has just invited passengers to feel free to get up and mingle with their fellow passengers. Trina takes him up on the offer -- and co-Captain Rick Gillmour decides that now is the time to take himself and his mustache out so that Trina can do a little mingling with Tom in the cockpit. There is no way this scene can be further described without evoking the infamous autopilot scene in Airplane.

Back in the Miller household, Bruce and Susan have obviously finished whatever it was they started, and they're now dressed for a rustic weekend. Susan is ticking off all the things they need to pick up. But first -- time to squick out the kids. When Laurie observes, "Kind of a late start -- I thought you guys wanted to get a jump on the weekend," Bruce replies, "Yeah, we, uh, did." Cut to Laurie realizing that her parents had sex minutes ago, and mere feet above the kitchen where she was so peaceably reading. Bruce begins loading the car in a relatively haphazard fashion, while Susan pointedly asks Laurie if there's anything she'd like to say.

By way of contrast, we jump to the Thompson household, where Janet is neatly packing things and checking each item off a list. In a nice touch of characterization: she's bringing oven cleaner for a weekend trip to a cabin in the woods. It takes a few minutes for it to sink in that the reason Roger's been moping in the kitchen is because he doesn't "think it's a good idea for us to go this weekend." Janet's having none of that: "What are you talking about? Are you feeling all right?" Roger decides that indeed, he is not. He asks Janet to call and send their regrets, then leaves her gaping in the kitchen.

Within seconds, Susan's good-bye to Laurie is interrupted by the simultaneous ringing of telephone and doorbell. Janet's on the phone, and the Deckers are at the door.

We cut to Bruce asking the still uniform-class Captain Decker and Trina how Miami was. Tom's all, "Oh ... hot and sweaty" while Trina dryly adds, "The weather was nice." Susan comes out and hands over the mail, mentioning that they're about to scoot out of town, and Bruce mentions they're off to Door County, Wisconsin, as Susan's family has a camp up there. Trina says, "How romantic!" and Bruce quickly disabuses her of that notion: "We're driving up with the Thompsons." Susan updates him on events, venting slightly, "I'm so sick of playing this game with her. All we do is move a few blocks away." Bruce consoles her: "We've still got the lake breeze and the fresh pine --" "And each other," Trina says. "Sounds pretty good to me," Tom adds. Susan impulsively invites the Deckers, saying, "Let it be our turn to show you guys a good time. Right, Bruce?" Bruce is a little thrown, but soon recovers: "Absolutely -- plenty of room." Tom seals the deal with, "You know me: I'm always up for an adventure." Yes. We know.

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