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Having discharged that recapperly obligation, let's get back to the real stars of the show. Trina and Susan are busy merrily tanning away. From the tiny rowboat in the lake, Tom pays tribute: "Lookin' good, ladies!" Susan is still in a snit: "I love how spontaneous you guys are. I had to plan this weekend a year in advance with Janet, and she still cancelled." Trina says neutrally, "Sounds like she's really testing your friendship." And then the conversation inevitably turns to sex and partner-swapping and the state of Susan and Bruce's marriage and ... I think these people spend more time talking about their marital hurly-burly than they actually do, you know, doing it. The conversation is finally, mercifully cut off when Bruce and Tom eliminate "fisherman" from the list of backup occupations and end up soaked in the water. Trina is delighted, snapping photos with the same camera my parents used to have.

Minutes later, everyone's wrapped in towels and heading back to the cabin. Tom asserts, "That fish was huge -- I nearly had it in the boat." Eager not to cross his man-crush, Bruce concedes that he's the one responsible for the one that got away. There's some light-hearted banter, and when Trina announces her intention to rinse off, Bruce hospitably warns her, "The water's hot, but there's not a lot of it." Trina bats her big brown eyes at him, and the two of them are off to the race with the kind of badinage that makes one think, "Hey ... they're not really talking about showers, are they?" The tension in the air becomes very thick, and "Spirit in the Sky" starts up, so clearly some Pavlovian seduction instinct just kicked in for Tom. Everyone's about to agree to all go shower together, and Tom is just about to kiss Susan when the door swings wide open and a beaming Janet bursts in with "Knock, knock! Surpri --" Surprise, indeed.

Tom, bless him, is the first one to recover with: "Hey, kids! I didn't know this was going to be a three-way." Oh, Grant Show ... please promise to never change a thing about your performance. Roger sees Tom standing next to Susan, the woman he so obviously would like to bone, and tightly says that they're heading home. And then, there's a slightly hostile conversation that boils down to Susan protesting that hey, she thought the Thompsons weren't coming and Janet rebutting that hey, she had no idea she was so easily replaced. I can't help but think that tricky situations like these are why cell phones were invented. Too bad it's the 1970s, huh? Anyway, Trina tries to offer everyone an easy out, but Bruce is not about to let his man-crush Tom go so easily. Susan persuades everyone to stay -- Janet is clearly dying to stay, but Roger is not so keen on it. He even tries to escape the whole gang by volunteering to go get food. Susan decides to come with him -- and we see Roger enduring silent agonies over this -- and as she hustles off to get dressed, Janet asks, "I don't suppose anyone took the time to wipe down the kitchen?" Bruce whispers, "No."

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