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Things go better with pot

We cut to an empty plate, and the realization that Janet's slow to get her buzz on. No, wait -- there it is: she excitedly shouts for pinochle when mortal enemy Trina suggests they play a game. Trina, perhaps intuiting that soon everyone's eyes will be too crossed to read their cards, advocates Twister instead.

Out on a bridge by the lake, Susan and Roger meet. Susan opens by saying that she knows that he knows about the swinging. Roger feints, "Hey, your marriage is none of my business. I'm not judging you." Susan correctly calls BS, and Roger admits, "It's a little hard for me to see how Janet and I fit into your new lifestyle." Susan says, "There's no lifestyle, Roger. Why didn't you just talk to me about it?" Roger mutters that they don't really have that kind of relationship. Susan protests that they've been friends for years, but Roger clarifies: "You're friends with Janet and I'm friends with Bruce ... I didn't know how to talk to you about it." Just open your yap and let the logorrhea flow. That seems to be the working model for Trina, Tom, Bruce and Susan.

Susan seems a little pained that Roger perceives boundaries in their friendship, but she's also very concerned over whether or not Janet knows about the Decker Experiment. Roger's like, "You think I'm going to tell her?" He and Susan share a chuckle over this person they both have in common. Roger admits, "She idolizes you." Susan doesn't want to be idolized; she wants to be happy. Roger asks, "You've got a great house and a great family. What more do you need to be happy?" Because Susan was busy toilet-training her daughter when The Feminine Mystique came out, she doesn't have the theoretical framework to lay out for Roger all the ways in which his query is the wrong one. But she wants to know if Roger's happy. "Mostly," he says somberly. They toast to that with their pot brownies.

Inside the cabin, a rollicking game of Twister is going. Bruce is calling out the positions while Tom is getting his flirt on with both ladies at once. Trina and Janet are both giggling like crazy. After Trina's tumble, Janet's left triumphant, and boy, is she happy about that. Even Bruce is happy about that. Flush with victory, Janet lobbies for another game, but everyone demurs. Then Janet and Trina have a really sweet little exchange about how they were in high school (take a wild guess as to who was the goody-goody and who vamped with the bad boys). Janet admits, "I have never done anything wild and crazy in my entire life." Trina says, "Maybe tonight's the night!" A minute later, Janet says urgently, "Trina! I have an idea!"

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