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Things go better with pot

Whatever the reason, it doesn't keep her from slipping out to meet Bruce. They do a brief postmortem on the day, and then Bruce says, "There isn't really a handbook for what we're going through right now, is there?" Nope. Bruce asks, tentatively, "We're -- we're okay, though. Right?" Susan reassures them they are, and then the two start digging the night air.

And now ... the morning after. Janet very nearly freaks out about where she is (snuggled next to Trina) and what she's wearing (one of Trina's negligees -- pear green is not Janet's color), but Trina adorably snuggles back down in bed so there's no big scene. Bruce and Susan are awakened by the aroma of freshly made pancakes. When they pad back inside, a wide-awake and plaid-bedecked Janet is back in form, offering everyone both blueberry and banana pancakes. She is going to rock everyone's world in the 1980s when she loosens up even more and adds chocolate-chip pancakes to the mix. Susan wonders if the pancakes are Janet's goodbye present, and Janet blames Roger in her lie about how they're in a hurry to get on the road. Just then, Trina and Tom come on out and Trina breezily says that she hopes it's okay, but she and Tom would like to spend some time at home before Tom's big flight. Roger eagerly asks if they can stay and Janet impishly agrees. Trina comes over to say goodbye to Janet, and Janet extends the invite: "Are you sure you don't have time for pancakes?" Trina always has time for pancakes. Oh my gosh, watching these two become friends is so excellent.

We go to the musical transition, which is Susan writing in the camp logs: "The Thompsons and Deckers. Beautiful weather." Susan is not what we'd call an honest documentarian. Then she gets called out of her reverie -- or internal debate on whether or not future generations need to know that Great-grandma Susan enjoyed the ganja -- and into a card game with the other three people in the cabin.

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