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"Fondue, Anyone?"

Meanwhile, BJ and Sam are talking bikes. Hers is jacked-up and needs $20 worth of work. After determining that Sam's not fixing the bike for the sole purpose of running away again, BJ invites her to the housewarming. When Sam fails to RSVP right away, he tries a new tack, by helping her with her bike repairs.

We then go to the other Miller kid, who's at the library. She runs into hot Teacher Doug, who implores her to call him Doug in the off hours. It turns out he's at the library collecting books for local prison inmates, as he's got the theory that recidivism will decline once the hardened felons get their own copies of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Laurie gives Doug one long, smitten look and turns to go when Doug calls her back to ask why she didn't turn in a review for Waiting for Godot. Laurie replies, "I like the play, but Anane's production was a little overdone, and I didn't see how slamming the teacher's girlfriend was going to get me extra credit." Doug tells her that he and Anane were a thing in grad school, but now they're merely friends -- "So please feel free to write the negative review." Laurie grins: the chance to raise her grade and make a play for the single teacher? This is the best summer ever.

And then we cut to a scene that proves even childless swingers with great taste and ample leisure time have their burdens to bear: Trina is doing the post-pool party dishes. She idly muses to Tom that maybe Susan's not adjusting too well to the swinger conceit. "Susan told me they made a pact to stay exclusive," Trina says. "Bruce still seems kind of into it," Tom observes. No, Tom -- Bruce is kind of into being you. Trina says that mix is a recipe for disaster, and Tom grins, "Maybe they need a little friendly nudge back in the right direction." Is there nothing he can't make sound like a proposition?

Although, come to think of it, Tom and Trina can come nudge my household any time, if the treatment they give Bruce and Susan is any indication. A respite from repairing that orange wallpaper and the gifts of a fondue set and a hand-held movie camera? Trina explains that "it makes a terrific centerpiece and a great way to get people together. The wine and cheese [are] cooking at my place as we speak." Wait -- a fondue set and someone to handle melting all that Emmenthaler? This is the gift-with-purchase you get when you begin swinging? Bruce is also thrilled about the camera, and Tom and Trina talk up how it's good for both vacation footage and more private home movies. The Deckers let themselves out so that the Millers can continue to prep for the housewarming. Tom says, "Call if you need anything -- wine ... ice ... tripod." Either this show's got a frustrated porn scribe on staff or one is watching now and cribbing lines for his or her future masterpiece.

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