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"Fondue, Anyone?"

We cut to Susan trying to talk Janet out of her "Who am I?" game with little success. Janet says it's a good icebreaker -- "otherwise, the evening gets too cliquey-cliquey." Then she moves on to freak out over Susan preparing to dispense the Swedish meatballs, since Emily Post evidently has a whole schedule as to when cold hors d'oeuvres and hot hors d'oeuvres should be dispersed. Trina then comes over and things start getting really snippy. Susan finally snaps, "You know what? They're just meatballs. Put 'em out or don't put 'em out -- you two fight it out." She takes off. Trina and Janet barely notice her departure.

Up in BJ's room: he hands over a bag of change and says Sam can use it to get her bike fixed. She asks if he stole the money. He replies, "Not exactly." Sam asks BJ why he's so nice to her, but before he can answer, Ricky bursts in without knocking and protests that half of that money is his. BJ points out that Ricky's inventory came from Bruce. Ricky huffs, "So what, is she your girlfriend now? What do you get for twenty bucks anyway?" You get Sam pissed off at you, is what you get. She hops out of the window and quits the party. BJ is really pissed; he wants Ricky out of his room, and when Ricky doesn't hop to quickly enough, BJ shoves him out. Hurt, Ricky snaps, "I hope she gives you crabs!"

Susan is busy watching her own party when Roger comes over and says, "A princess and a movie star." Awww -- it's sweet that Janet gave her friend "Princess Grace Kelly." It'll be less sweet when she realizes her best friend and her husband are busy carrying torches for one another. Susan says ruefully, "I wasn't ready to throw a party. I've barely even accepted that we've moved." Roger replies, "That makes two of us." A long and significant look passes between the two before he gets ready to drive Ricky home. Susan's then left alone to stare at her peeling wallpaper, but alas, even that interlude gets interrupted as her old BFF Janet and her new BFF Trina take their bickering road show over to her again. I have to admit: I love this party scene because it is so skillfully illustrating how the seeds of the culture wars were sown. You've got class insecurity personified in Janet, you've got the so-called elites just rolling on over anyone who's clinging to how things should be done in the Deckers, and you've got Susan representing the average person trying to assess what they really want. She finally snaps, telling both women it's not their party and adding, "And that is not my wallpaper." As Susan walks over to the peeling panel, Tom leans over and tells Bruce, "You might want to get your camera for this." Oh, he's delightful. Susan yanks off a strip of wallpaper -- to Janet's chagrin and Trina's delight -- pushes her dress off her shoulders and asks defiantly, "Anyone care to join me?" Go, Susan! Renovation parties rule!

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