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Roger comes home, and every nerve clangs into high alert at what he beholds: quiet music playing, the table beautifully set for two, and Janet bringing out the fancy dishes. He immediately asks, "The wedding silver? What's up?" Janet is. She's really excited to share her day with Roger, and how they're going to the gala, and then she pushes, "Maybe, if we make a good impression tomorrow night, one of them will sponsor us to join [Lakecrest Country Club]." Roger reminds her that they can't afford a country club, and Janet's deterred for only a moment before pointing out that Roger has not been -- how do you say -- aggressive in demanding fair compensation for his 12 years on the job. She hops into Roger's lap and says, "You certainly deserve [a raise]. We deserve it."

Over at the Deckers, we're treated to a slideshow: Trina channeling Annette Funicello on the beach, Trina dressed in the finest 1960s debutante gear ... the deb in question is toking up on the couch with Luke and leaving no doubt as to whether or not they sealed the deal in high school. Trina comments that "Being forbidden to see you is probably the best thing to happen to us. I always want what I can't have." Luke prepares to make a move, but the phone rings right then. It's Tom, who's stuck in San Francisco thanks to that same pesky headwind that bedeviled him on the flight out to Tokyo. Trina tells him, "You're missing quite a show. We're looking at my old slides." Tom is all, "Who is this 'we'?" He is not thrilled to find out that it's Luke, especially since it means one more night in which he'll be away and Trina will be left alone with her younger, richer ex. When the two of them are off the phone, Luke coos to Trina that he'd like to order food in, and 2000 miles away, Bobbi the stewardess is asking Tom if he'd like to join her for a drink. Tom gallantly proffers his arm and says, "Sure. Why not?" How funny that the same guy who can handle other people's awkward social situations has absolutely no coping skills for dealing with his own emotions.

The next morning, Trina answers the door in her bikini and some wedge heels, and asks Susan "to what do I owe the pleasure?" Susan rambles about the benefit and having to find potential invitees, and Trina takes the invitation with a "Say no more." Aww, awesome Trina! Before Susan can get too deep into her thanks, Luke comes padding wetly into the living room, announcing how great it is to be able to swim first thing in the morning. Ah, spoken like someone who's never seen the inside of a pool at 5:30 in the morning. Trina introduces them: "Susan, this is Luke, my boyfriend." Susan stands there, smiling tightly. "From high school!" Trina finishes. Susan looks a lot more relieved now. She even warms to Luke once Trina ropes him into going to the benefit on Susan's second invite.

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