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Down at the train station, Janet's waiting for Roger. When he sees her, he literally stops in his tracks -- she's wearing a fluttery, royal purple dress with spaghetti straps and her hair's down and curled away from her face. Janet looks fresh, soft and lovely. Despite the crappy day he's had, Roger's decidedly thrilled with Janet's new look. That lasts about six seconds, or the length of time it takes her to fetch his rented monkey suit and turn to him with, "I was hoping we'd have a little something extra to celebrate tonight?" You can actually see Roger's face fall. Janet then asks, "Did he agree you deserved a raise?" Roger smiles, "He did." He does not add, "And then he laid me off." Janet wouldn't notice anyway, as she's too busy confusing "consent" with "confirmation." She beams up at him, "Things are about to change for us, Roger. I can feel it. Can't you?" I personally am looking forward to seeing how things change when she discovers her husband can't break bad news to her. Roger says that he sure can feel things changing, and when Janet goes in for another hug, he looks ill.

And now, the gala. As everyone descends a staircase, Janet's burbling, "I'm excited! Are you excited? I'm excited." Susan is not excited: "I'm not sure I fit in with these women, not like you do." Janet blithely says, "Susan, you've just got to keep an open mind. Give them a chance." O, the irony! It's so thick and rich -- it's like ice cream, only even more delicious. Oh, wait, no -- Janet continues, "You know -- like you're always telling me to do with Trina." I take back the ice cream comment. Think ice milk. Bleah.

Then there's an awkward little scene where the Millers and Thompson run into Mareno, and when Mareno says, "Remind me what it is you do again, Rog?" ... Roger freezes up. Fortunately, Janet blithely fills in the gap, and then Rita Pierce comes over to commandeer Janet's help in setting up the auction. She doesn't need to ask twice. Rita then turns to Moreno and sweetly thanks him for volunteering as the auction caller. Susan's conscripted into collecting checks at the end of the auction. Steve looks dismayed at how a jerk like Mareno could get a leg up on him, and his desperate scramble to make an impression with the indifferent Mrs. Pierce is even more awkward than watching Roger try to not break the news about his firing in front of so many people.

Following another bit of gratuitous piggery from Mareno -- and let me say here and now that it's my sincere hope he spends most of the 1980s in a big plastic bubble after the numerous social diseases he picked up during the 1970s recombine into one massive, drug-resistant, highly-contagious, flamboyantly symptomatic mega-STD -- anyway, following his Paleolithic sentiments in re: the womenfolk, we segue over to see the lovely Melinda keeping a seat warm at the bar. Mareno's crotch pulls him away in hot pursuit. Steve and Roger, who are now wearing matching expressions of barely contained nausea, follow.

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