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Harry Reems, Marriage Counselor
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We open the episode with Trina setting out Tom's uniform for him while he sleeps. Tom and Trina's schedules are all off -- right around her bed time, he's got to be up to go to the airport. We establish that Trina's not happy Tom has the route, that they'll be separated, that Tom will be out of her sight. "You don't do well alone, Tom," she sighs. He assures her, "I'm not that guy anymore. And I wouldn't do anything to mess this up. It's too perfect. Do you have any idea how much I love you?" Thus appeased, Trina decides to send Tom off with a bang. So to speak.

Then morning breaks and we see Janet in her kitchen, practicing a Tupperware spiel. Awesome! I mean that sincerely. My passion for Modular Mates is probably indecent, but I refuse to apologize for liking a pantry in which all my dry goods are sorted and stacked by volume. Anyway, Tupperware apparently gets Roger going too, but Janet puts off his neck-smooching with "I just did my hair." Roger, still grinning, asks, "C'mon! Where's the crazy skinny-dipper from the cabin?" Janet protests that she exercised bad judgment. Roger leans in again and goes for the kill with "That's the most fun I ever saw you have." For a moment, Janet looks like she's about to concur, then she reminds Roger she's opposed to unscheduled sex. Janet, I feel like you and I have a lot in common thanks to our mutual passion for Tupperware, so let me say this to you as a friend: Have you noticed that your husband is hot? And hot for you? Carpe diem, my good lady! And carpe your husband.

Susan's making eats for the Tupperware party that she and Janet are co-hosting while Laurie attempts to raise her mom's consciousness with outrage-inspiring tidbits about Phyllis Schlafly. Laurie dismally concludes, "Carter better win this election, or women are totally screwed." Bruce comes down in time to chide Laurie for her language, and shrewdly avoids getting into a political debate with his kid. When he heads into the fridge to get breakfast, we see that Susan has done a little over-preparing for the party, so she decides to take an extra bowl of dip over to Trina's to see if Trina can use it for a party she's hosting the next evening.

Bruce is all, "Party? Why don't I know about this party?" and his alarm is understandable; for a brief moment, it might seem as though Susan's swinging without him. But Susan vaguely explains that it's for "some actor's legal defense" and waves him in the general direction of the invitation on the counter. Laurie gets there first, reads the invite and chortles, "Oh, wow. I don't believe this." Bruce peremptorily waves over the invite and we see his eyebrows go up.

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