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Harry Reems, Marriage Counselor

When Bruce comes home that night, he finds Susan sitting on their bed, surrounded by all the information in the file Trina delivered. Susan apologizes for losing track of time, and Bruce checks out what's distracting her: "'Reaming Harry Reems in Court'?" Susan's been converted: "It's terrible what's happening to this man." Bruce could care less: "The guy's a porno actor." Susan's like, "You know of him?" and Bruce says, "Yeah, I saw the movie." Oh, now he's in trouble -- Susan would like to know why he didn't share. Bruce says patronizingly, "Trust me, the movie is not for you." Susan wants to go to the party now, but Bruce reminds her that he's got the bowling league championship that night and "you don't want to go to a party like that without me." (Translation: please do not swing when I am not around.) Then he asks irritably, "Is dinner almost ready? Because Roger's picking me up in, like, twenty." Susan huffs that it's coming right up. Susan needs to catch the clue my mom had: make the kids cook during the summer.

Later, when Bruce is out bowling, Susan decides to go see Deep Throat at the local Rialto. The next morning, she heads over to Janet's place for a little chat. Janet's all, "You went to a porno theatre? Did anyone see you there?" and again -- love how subtle this show can be sometimes with the social signifiers. Susan explains the plot of Deep Throat to Janet thusly: "This ridiculous story about a woman whose ... 'pleasure center' ... is in her throat, and this wacky doctor who helps her to uh, find it." Janet decrees it "horrifying." Susan says, "Oh, completely. And also, oddly amusing. It's just a silly movie." Janet is like, "With naked people. Having sex." Janet is clearly not aware of the "naked is funny" school of comedy. Anyway, Susan tries to explain why she's all bothered by the government's abrogation of Harry Reems' rights, and asks Janet to come to Trina's fundraising party with her. She goads, "Remember that girl who ate pot brownies and played Twister back at the cabin?" Janet's like, "Why does everyone keep coming back to that?" Because you were FUN when you did that, Janet. But since Janet's stone-cold sober right now, she turns down the offer to go to the party. Susan is just going to have start traveling with brownies.

Hurray! Tom is home from his 13-hour flight and looking much the worse for wear. Trina soon asks why he wasn't picking up when she called, and Tom explains, "A couple of friends came by the room and turned it into quite a party." Trina tries and fails to be casual: "Really? Who?" Tom is all, "Can't talk, passing out from sleepiness, nighty-night!"

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