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"The freaks just keep coming."

Over at the outdoor bar, Bruce is hanging out with his mancrush when he's distracted by Mareno coming in with ... Melinda. Bruce says, "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me" and he wants to know who invited Mareno. Tom says, "Not me. Who's that little rocket with him? Bruce explains that Melinda's the new runner for their firm, and Tom smirks, "Nice to have an office with a view." Hands up, all of you who think Tom's career ends in the 1990s in a hail of sexual-harassment allegations.

We get a quick shot of the Hyatts all excited about the possibilities of being paired with freaky new people, and then Trina heads over to Tom to ask him to keep an eye on Janet. Tom gives her a wink and assures her, "You got it." Who would have suspected that Tom gets as much of a kick out of Janet as she does out of him?

Just then, Gail comes by and asks Trina if she's seen Stu recently. Trina quips, "Not since the fourth of July. I was beginning to think that you had a very dark secret to reveal." Gail's expression reads of course I didn't kill my husband in a coke-fueled rage ... I think? and she croaks, "I wish." But she perks right the heck up when she sees Mareno, and we learn that she is the one who invited him to the party, instructing him to bring a date so the invisible Stu wouldn't get suspicious, and is dying to get into his pants and/or cocaine stash. Melinda rolls her eyes, and when she stops, she notices Steve checking her out.

Trina and Janet greet each other warmly (awww!) and we learn that Trina made the giant stained-glass question mark herself, prior to the first Puzzlerama. Janet's impressed: "I knew you were crafty, but not crafty." Anyway, the winner of the annual contest gets to keep the giant sun catcher for a year.

Trina summons all the players for a Puzzle-rita (it looks pink and blender-created and awful). She explains, "We all know how toxic secrets can be, so I designed this friendly little event to help set us free." Everyone who plays has a secret; it's encoded in a riddle that's chosen at random and put up on a board, and once you figure out who the riddle's about -- and, by extension, their secret -- you can go to that person's house or to a local business, pick up your team's color tag, and race back. Whoever collects the most tags within the time period wins.

Everyone knocks back a toast to the game. Then they see how Trina's matched them up: there are colored dots at the bottom of each glass, and teams are matched up by their colors. Janet and Tom are teamed up, as are Roger and Susan, and John and Sherie Hyatt (ha!). Mareno was supposed to be teamed up with Melinda, but Gail quickly swaps glasses, leaving him with Gail and throwing Melinda and Bruce together.

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