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"The freaks just keep coming."

Susan and Roger are in Gail's living room, and holy cats, is it shiny. Also, interestingly accessorized with fur-lined handcuffs. Both of them have a giggle, and Roger effuses, "The best part about losing my job has been getting to hang out with you. I feel like I made a new friend." Susan beams, "Me too." Then her conscience kicks in and she says, "But no more secrets, okay? When Janet showed up yesterday with those swim trunks, I about died." Roger misses the point with "Next time I play hooky, we'll make sure to get both our stories straight." The two give each other Meaningful Looks, but before they do anything they might regret, Roger directs their attention to a possible hiding place for the Puzzlerama tags. Unsurprisingly, they're in Gail's stash box. Gail and Mareno come in soon thereafter, and Gail's ever so gracious with "Are you guys done in here?" After Susan and Roger scamper off, Gail drops to the floor and invites Mareno to come and get it.

Cut to Melinda puzzling out the clue about Bruce. I wonder if having your workplace crush hear about your massive porn collection is more or less embarrassing and awkward than having your wife walk up and say hi after you've finished the "No, don't apologize for propositioning me" conversation with said crush? Either way, it's excruciating for Bruce when they hit the newsstand at the train station and he has to explain to her that the menfolk often buy porn to read on the train. Bruce asks the vendor if he'd mind if they looked in the private section, and the guy grits, "Men only." It is not because he's afraid of violating the ladies' delicate sensibilities -- ol' Ralph wants a bribe. Melinda is amused by the titles -- Big & Bawdy, Panty Party -- and Bruce says, "We all have our weaknesses." Melinda takes that line as a cue to confess: she did know that Bruce would be at the party, which is why she agreed to accompany Mareno. She asks if he's mad, and Bruce replies, "That you're not on a date with Mareno? No." In any event, Ralph would rather they not manhandle all the merch, so he shows them which magazine has the Puzzlerama tags. Bruce picks up the issue, the tags drop to the ground, both parties drop down to get them, and when they're both crouched low, Melinda leans over, grabs Bruce and kisses him. He kisses her back with abandon. They move over to a brick wall to continue the make out session standing up. And, lucky for them, Tom sees them before Janet does. With the kind of cool, quick thinking that no doubt comes in handy whilst in the air, Tom steers Janet away by dint of some persuasion ("Do you trust me?") and appealing to her competitive instinct.

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