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"The freaks just keep coming."

Janet's back at the house, reading clue #6: "On a festive, restive night, who reached out for her independence, but lost her gold hoop? The jury's still out, but mill around in her case awhile and you'll have your answer." For some reason, this fails to strike a chord with Bruce. Melinda suggests that they barter for information with another team, and Bruce says admiringly, "You never stop thinking, do you?" Then Bruce feels the steely eyes of his mancrush resting on him, so when Tom says casually, "Let's go get a drink, buddy," Bruce is all for it. They head to the bar and Tom says, "Let me give you some friendly advice: don't dip your pen in the company ink. I saw your and your little protégé there liplocked at the train station ... in another couple of seconds, you'd be explaining this to Janet, not me." Trina comes over right then and asks, "What are you boys whispering about?" "Work stuff," Tom says. He's back on top of his game, isn't he? Well, one game. Janet has just figured out the clue, slipped out and found the Puzzlerama piece in Susan's jewelry box.

Susan and Roger are at the grocery store and boy, is it awkward when they run into Laurie and Doug, because nobody's in a hurry to introduce Doug as Laurie's boyfriend. Also, because Laurie seems to notice that things are weird between Susan and Roger.

Back at the party, Bruce pulls Melinda away from her bartering session with the Hyatts (lord only knows what they would have demanded in trade) and stammers that they have to call it a night. "Why? Did I do something wrong?" she asks. Bruce says, "No. I did. I'm a married man. I love my wife ... Melinda, I'm sorry." She says, "I'm not. I'll see you Monday." And with that, she sashays off to catch the train back into the city. So, uh, go Bruce for your belated conscience?

Outside Gail's house, Sam and a radio are kicking back on the front lawn. She explains to BJ that "my mom put me on Stu watch." Also, she's responsible for handing out Puzzlerama pieces. Sam invites BJ to sit by her with "Grab a chair. The freaks just keep on coming." (It's sweet that she kept out an extra lawn chair.) Gail and Mareno - both in considerable dishabille -- come lurching out, and Gail trippily says, "If Stu asks, we were never here, got it?" Sam's got it. Gail then throws the remaining Puzzlerama tags into the bushes because she's such a good sport, and sprints off with Mareno. Sam and BJ exchange looks that make them seem like a little old married couple.

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