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I'd Love to Stick Around, But I'm Running Behind
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Remember how last episode, Bruce hit the roof over his daughter dating her ex-teacher? Well, apparently, Laurie isn't really grounded, because she's busy necking with Doug in his pristine and fully-decorated apartment. No, wait ... it turns out she was picking up ice for a family trip, and tarried so long at Doug's, the ice melted. Doug is like, "On the bright side, your parents' bourgeois Republican lifestyle has afforded you the option of hanging out in the bucolic wilderness of Wisconsin!" but Laurie would rather be in town and attending a Jackson Browne concert. Doug says he could have talked to Laurie's dad, because maybe something could have been worked out, but Laurie's convinced "my dad is totally irrational where you're concerned." Yes! How dare he be concerned that someone might have been preying on his daughter! Stupid parents, looking out for her best interests! Laurie decides that she'll just tell her parents she's not going on the trip. I bet that'll go over well with Bruce, as she's proven so trustworthy lately.

We cut to Janet in her kitchen, reading something titled Wake Up and Be You!. Roger comes in and comments on the title, and Janet delivers the news that the book is actually for him. "I wake up me everyday," Roger protests, but Janet thinks not. Drawing on her vast psychoanalytical experience -- or just the intro to the book -- she tells Roger she's decided he's depressed and suffering an identity crisis because he lost his job. Roger protests, "I'm looking for a job. What else can I do?" Janet then breaks the news that she's booked him an appointment with a psychiatrist that Brad Davis recommended, because she thinks it'll help him deal. And that's how Roger lets his wife browbeat him into going to therapy. Perhaps while he's there, he can work up the nerve to talk about his passivity.

Back in the Miller kitchen, Bruce is dancing around as he packs, fully immersed in the kind of fantasy that has both children saying, "Thank you, Father, for your wisdom and generosity as regards this vacation" while Susan gazes upon him with a mixture of lust and rapt adoration. Susan comes in and Bruce swirls her into a dance. Still in the throes of hallucination, he coos, "I love you, and I love our kids. Even Laurie. This family is going to have so much fun in the next couple of days." Susan kills the buzz by reminding Bruce that Ricky's coming, and Bruce irritably asks, "Why are we taking that kid? The whole point of this weekend is that our family is together." Susan protests that it'll help the Thompsons' marriage, and they move on to the next complaint -- why, if Bruce grounded Laurie, Susan thought it was okay to send Laurie out for ice.

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