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I'd Love to Stick Around, But I'm Running Behind

It's the next morning. Bruce has fixed the phone, but Laurie, sadly, is still the same insufferable twit. Inexplicably, former teen mom Susan is all "Overwhelming, judgment-impairing infatuation is just what our daughter needs! We have no insights of value to offer her when it comes to adolescence and romantic involvement!" To his credit, Bruce does not say, "Fine. I tried, but if you're going to persistently undermine me and encourage my daughter's monstrous hissies, it's plain I'm not needed here. I'm off to start a new life with Melinda!" Instead, he tries a new tack: "We didn't just come up here for the kids. We came up here for us. So let's do something, just the two of us ... you remember the first time you brought me up here, we got sandwiches at that deli in town, we drove to Cape Point for a picnic ... meet me there at three." Susan watches him go, looking wistful.

Janet swings by Dr. Gardiner's office and says stiffly, "I just came to inform you that we will not be paying for yesterday's session. If a plumber failed to fix my pipes, I would not pay him, and I will not pay you." Dr. Gardiner says it's okay, because she'd like to find out where they went off the rails yesterday -- and she promises not to charge. Janet tries to make it all about Roger, but Dr. Gardiner says firmly, "I sense that you had feelings you couldn't -- or thought you shouldn't -- express. Was I wrong?" Janet admits, "Not entirely. I am frustrated that Roger can't find a job when I could walk into any agency and get a secretarial job this afternoon. And I would too, but I wouldn't want to upset Roger." Dr. G wants to know why Roger would be distraught over his wife's employability, and Janet says, "He's the man. He should provide for the family." And just to show you where my sensibilities are -- I don't blink an eye at any of the sexual shenanigans on the show, but the minute this flew out of Janet's mouth, I was like, "Oh my God! What --?!? How --?!?!" Dr. G suggests that perhaps, Janet working would take some pressure off Roger. Janet admits that she hadn't thought of that, and Dr G says, "Janet, you don't do Roger any favors by making yourself less than you are. He'll stay in a place that's not good for him, you'll start to resent him and lose respect for him." You know, like half the people in the show forums already have! Dr. G continues, "Once respect goes, love goes. You may start looking at other men." This inadvertently hits Janet where she lives, and we find that she thinks Tom's been singling her out for attention. Janet bluffs that "I feel bad for him because he obviously can't have me," but Dr. G's got her number, and she draws Janet in with, "Tell me about this man ..."

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