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Back at the dinner party, everyone's kvelling over Brad's new article on sexual experimentation in the 'burbs. Sylvia proudly gushes that Brad's parlaying his interest into a book deal. She adds, "Brad has an all-access pass to the Pendulum Club. We're going tomorrow night, if anyone's interested." Bruce is all, "The Pendulum Club? Isn't that your thinly-veiled homage to Plato's retreat?" Why, yes, it is! Trina says with asperity, "Tom and I sure picked the wrong month to close our marriage." And then there's some awkwardness around Brad's request to interview everyone for his book -- the Millers appear split -- and Tom smooths that over by suggesting everyone just drink more. Tom is a wise, wise man.

Later that night, both Bruce and Susan are laying awake in bed, and Susan asks, "Do we need to talk?' Bruce steels himself: "Yeah, I think we do." They sit up, click on a light, and Bruce hesitantly begins spilling the beans about Melinda: "Remember the night of the blackout? I wasn't out with the guys all night ... I went over to Melinda's."

Well? THEN WHAT? We go into the morning after Bruce's revelation not knowing, but things are still tense between him and Susan. Bruce is apologizing and Susan is sighing, "You already said that." Bruce protests, "All we did was kiss!" and Susan huffs, "You already said that too." Well. NOW we know what went down between those two. Bruce miserably says he'd feel better if Susan yelled at him, but Susan would rather make him suffer by being calm yet disappointed. Susan is a smart lady sometimes. She only snips, "I don't want you to talk to Melinda at all, if you think you can manage that." Bruce rolls his eyes because no, he can't manage that in his job. In the new spirit of honesty, he tells Susan he's meeting Roger for a drink after work, but he'll cancel and scamper right home if she wants. Susan, who is a tinch concerned that perhaps Roger wants to talk about how Susan gives him the bedroom eyes, freezes until Bruce lets her know it's about working on the Exchange.

Susan then plants one on Bruce and says, "I have a wild idea. Why don't we meet Brad & Sylvia at the Pendulum Club after work?" Bruce is all, "Wait -- you're upset about me stepping out, so now you want to go swinging?' Susan reasons that it's the secrecy behind the extramarital activities that's the problem, so if both of them are very open about their interests, then nobody gets hurt. Okay, Susan. You go first and tell him about your crush on Roger. That'll definitely strengthen your marriage.

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