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Then Susan wanders downstairs and discovers that the most convenient thing about having two teenagers in the house is that they've both made arrangements to spend the night with friends, so she won't have to feed or tuck them in that night. Right on -- coast is clear for swinging! The kids notice that their dad left without saying goodbye to anyone, and they're weirded out, but then things like breakfast and Mom's bad mood distract them.

Meanwhile, Janet opens the door to find Trina brightly smiling on her doorstep. "I made muffins!" Trina says. "Congratulations," Janet snaps. Trina pleads that she just wants five minutes with Janet and adds, as proof of her good intentions, "I haven't baked anything since Home Ec in high school. Please?"

We cut to Janet trying to get the muffins out of the tin, but they're not coming out. I have gone back and forth on whether Trina baking them so they stuck in the pan was a deliberate play so as to appeal to Janet's domestic diva side, or if she really is that clueless about baking. I will never know. Anyway, Janet slices off the tops of the stuck muffins, reassuring Trina that they're the tastiest part anyway, and they laugh as they sit down. Trina warmly apologizes, and it soon comes out what's really bothering Janet: "I feel like Roger's changing. I'm not just talking about the job." Trina counsels Janet that people do change. Janet says haltingly, "I'm not the kind of person who can find herself by losing an earring in someone's bedroom." Janet replies, "Finding yourself shouldn't mean losing anything," and pitches the idea that sharing new experiences can bring couples closer together. Janet protests that really, she's just a stick in the mud, and Trina says emphatically, "I'm talking to the woman who let loose up at Susan's cabin! And who watched Deep Throat with a bunch of strangers." Janet primly says, "You can't smoke pot and watch porno movies every night." Why the hell not? Trina says, "I think we all underestimate who the real Janet is," and pats Janet's hand. Awww! They've made up!

We cut to Roger and Bruce chatting in the bar. Roger gives Bruce the 411 on losing his job, and remarks that Janet's been surprisingly cool with it. Bruce is all, "Yeah, funny what our wives are cool with. Why, mine was so cool with my fling with Melinda, she's now suggesting we go to the Pendulum Club." The thought bubble over Roger's head reads, "How did I get stuck with Janet while Bruce gets to have Susan? He doesn't deserve to have his cheating rewarded with swinging!" But he just listens to Bruce go on a little bit and then we get to the real point of the scene: Roger needs a job and he's wondering if the Exchange might be for him. Short answer: No, because Roger is not a big fan of taking risks, Showing some rare sensitivity, Bruce explains, "Working on that floor -- a guy can lose his shirt in an afternoon. I'd hate to think I was setting you up for a fall."

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