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Me Tarzan. You WB. Me Flimsy Premise. You Low Standards.

I'm curious as to why they changed the girl playing Nicki, so I pop in my copy of the original pilot (called Tarzan and Jane) and forward to this scene. Well, it starts with the newspaper, and Jane saying, "Hey, Sis! Check it out!" A girl with a black Bettie Page cut leans in and says, "Damn, he looks good!" They're a little gigglier, and seem closer together in age. She asks Jane what Michael's doing with her again. Then the girl is out of frame as Jane gets moody about the case. "Have you seen my keys?" OtherNicki asks as she digs through her purse. Then: "Hey!" Jane looks up from the sink, where she's making tea or something. "What's wrong?" the sister asks. "Nothing, it's just...you know. I mean...working a case like that. I...Imagine how great that would be?" OtherNicki immediately gets on my bad side by saying, "You know what? You'll get there." Jane downs the last of her strawberry smoothie, which wasn't set up in this version. "Yeah," she says, after a gulp. End of scene. I kind of like this one more, the other one was so "I am standing here, older sister, telling you that I prefer living with you instead of our shitty mother, but I am of college age and would have other choices, if I were a workaholic like you, who have a boyfriend in the papers doing what you would like to do."

Precinct. Michael of New York Post fame is explaining this "serial case" they're working on. Victims are homeless. The perp uses kerosene, getting them alone and then setting them on fire. A man wanders into the back of the meeting. Jane is next to him, admiring her boyfriend's work. Michael says that there are no witnesses, so until they get more focus, they should just canvass. Jane's partner interrupts: "What about Edward Creal?" Jane immediately pulls on his arm and whispers, "Sam, don't. It's not our case," all, "Leave my boyfriend alone when he's working." Jane looks down, embarrassed. Nice roots, Jane. Michael asks what about him. Sam says the cases sound kind of similar: "Maybe your boy's a copycat." Some guy wanders through all out of breath from his barrel belly. "We checked it out," he exhales. "But, uh, we don't think so." Oh, okay. Thanks. "It's a different M.O. Besides, he died in prison after you busted him a few years ago, Sam." No one is listening to Sam and BellyChief, because Jane and Michael are making goo-eyes at each other in the middle of the station. Get an interrogation room, people. We're working. On a serial killer. "Don't you two have a stray dog to catch?" BaldCop asks Sam and Jane. "I don't know, Gene," Sam smiles. "Is your wife missing?" Gene stands up, indignant, and Jane ushers her partner away from the real cops.

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