Secrets And Lies (2)

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Call Me "Tarzan," Dammit!

Same swooping night shot of "New York" that we got in the last episode. Jane's still on the case, asking someone if they saw a group of four or five Caucasian guys. "Didn't see anybody," says Random Under-Five Dressed As Tow-Truck Man. Jane gives him her card. Dude, it's that easy to score Jane's digits. Sam echoes my thoughts when he asks, "What are we doing here, Jane?" He says he's a "big-ass fan of the white-boy theory." Nothing would give him more pleasure than to "bust a bunch of snippy white boys." But since Jane has nothing to back this up, he wonders what they're doing out there. Jane asks how many times Sam has told her that he's had a feeling he just can't shake. I remember when we saw this scene in the last episode. Sam asks, "What's up with you lately?" You mean since yesterday? "I mean, you used to be this cool, collected, by-the-book machine. Now all of a sudden you're chasing hunches, making rash decisions." You mean since yesterday? "I mean, don't get me wrong. I like it, it's not bad, it's just...it's just not you, Jane. Now, look. I'm your partner and I'm your friend. And if there's something going on, I want to know." Jane looks her partner right in the eye. Looks at this man who is sworn to protect her -- whose life depends on hers on some nights. This man who is her right hand, her co-pilot, her other half. She looks this man in the eye and lies to him. She says there's nothing he needs to worry about. Sam says she's got an important job keeping his ass alive, so he needs her to be sharp. He goes to leave, but Jane sees a tree wiggle in the breeze -- the monkey booty call. She lies to Sam and says she wants to walk home, starting with my most hated "You know what?" Sam goes, "What are you talking about? It's twelve blocks!" In New York? Holy crap! That could take all night! When Sam questions her, Jane bitches at him to get off her ass about it. Sam whistles at Jane's new-found 'tude, and gets in the car. "You get freakier and freakier," he says. He screeches off, and a car honks in the distance.

Jane walks in a straight line so that Tarzan can jump behind her once again so that she can say "John" once again and act surprised. The amount of name-repeating in this episode is amazing. "What if someone saw you?" Jane asks. "I am trying to protect you, you know. You're not making it any easier," Tarzan replies. Tarzan gets a bit Australian here as he leans in and tells Jane he knows she's looking for the men who hurt the jogger. She says she is. "I followed them," he says. "You followed them how?" What else was he going to do today? "Their scent," he says. Why didn't he mention that last night? "Their scent," Jane repeats. Tarzan smiles flirtatiously. "All right," Jane says. "Take me." Tarzan is totally cool for being a man who has no idea where he is or where his jungle friends are. Tarzan grabs Jane by the arm and spins her toward the jungle...I mean "park." What? The gang's still hanging out in the park at this hour?

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