Secrets And Lies (2)

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Call Me "Tarzan," Dammit!

"New York City." Michael and Jane walk to work as Michael stammers a bit about last night. Jane apologizes for not answering his marriage proposal yet. "You deserve better than that," she says. Michael tells her that there's no pressure, and that she can decide whenever she wants. Jane stares, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Michael says that she went through a lot last night, and he doesn't want to "pile on more stress." Jane exhales and closes her eyes. Michael says that she can take all the time she wants ("a week, a month, a year, whatever"). Maybe that'll give him time to buy a ring. Jane smiles and blinks a few times.

Tarzan watches Jane and Michael cross the impressively un-busy New York City street. He's stalking her from yet another rooftop. Way to stay out of sight, dude.

The precinct. Jane gets all of her internet news from MoneyBeat.com, and today she's finding out more about Richard Clayton and Greystoke Industries -- namely that there's a trust left by John Sr. to Tarzan for $6 billion. Since Richard announced that he'd found the dead John Jr., that money has been in bitter dispute between Richard and his sister Kathleen, unmentioned until Lucy Lawless signed a deal with The WB. Once again, we're told about the plane crash. Then there's a silly graphic of still shots of Pileggi and Lawless, with the "Clayton vs. Clayton" headline.

Michael comes up behind Jane again, and once again he says, "Hey." That's how he's started every scene in which he appears in this episode. Jane quickly dissolves her internet browser as if she was looking at porn instead of news about the case she's been working on. Jane's desktop image is of the New York Police Department logo. Kiss-ass. The other articles that we can look forward to watching Jane watch? According to the index page that Jane minimized, they were: "The Power List: Richard Clayton." "US History: Clayton Family." "Kathleen Clayton Center for Performing Arts Home Page." "Greystoke Industries Official Company Site." "John Clayton Sr. In Memoriam." "The Speeches of Richard Clayton." And "Business Problems: The Clayton Family." As long as we only get one per episode, I think we'll be able to handle it. Michael asks if Jane's busy, since he can use her help. Jane's all, "I'm a cop. I'm never too busy for my boyfriend!" Michael says there's been an assault in Central Park, and that he's already got Jane's partner over there searching for evidence. He asks if Jane wants to "talk to the vic." Jane looks up briefly like, "Who says 'the vic'?" but then agrees to do it. "All right," Michael says. Jane walks away, and Michael stares at Jane's desktop image. Then he walks away. Tension!

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