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Leavin' On A Jet Plane

12th precinct. Interrogation room. A fake Eric Roberts is giving Jane the rundown of all the crimes she's committed: obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, and accessory to murder. He says he's never seen "anything close to this" in all his ten years. He hasn't seen that many cases, I guess. Erik Robbertz asks Jane to tell her story, since she thinks it wasn't murder. The lieutenant tells Jane to wait for an attorney. "You know what?" Jane says. "I don't care." She says she's telling the truth. Jane does a lot of blinking, and then once again recaps the same story we've been hearing every episode since the pilot. We even get to see it at the top of every show. We've moved on. Why can't they? Erik Robbertz says that the witness has a different story. "Oh, well, then your witness is lying," says Jane. Erik tells Jane that the witness said he talked to Jane. "Wait, are you talking about Donald Ingram?" Jane asks. The lieutenant gives Jane another warning, by saying her first name. Jane says she didn't coerce Ingram, but simply interviewed him. The lieutenant calls off this interrogation until Jane can get a lawyer. He asks Erik Robbertz to give them a minute alone.

I guess Tarzan's been hobbling and bleeding all over New York City for about twelve hours. The timeline here is beyond confusing, since Jane should have had that last conversation in the middle of the night, or else they kept her in a cell until the morning. Anyway, Tarzan's hurt, and bleeding profusely, so he hobbles across the completely empty street (avoiding the negligent cops) until he finds a bush in some kind of park, where he touches his thigh. Damn, the most skin we see on Tarzan this episode, and it's covered in blood.

Jane repeats that Ingram is lying, and deduces that Clayton got him to lie. But as far as she knew in the last episode, Ingram told Clayton the truth. Why wouldn't she tell the lieutenant to ask Clayton? She says that even Michael was working for Clayton. The lieutenant interrupts, "Do you hear the words coming out of your mouth?" Hee. That's the best line this show has ever had. I love how this episode's subtext is about the cancellation of the series. He asks Jane why she didn't bring Tarzan -- or, as he calls him, "the kid" -- in. Jane says he's not exactly the type of "kid" you can bring in, since he loses his temper all the time. Plus, he did get brought in before (this show operates on the assumption that absolutely nobody watched the pilot). Jane says she thought she had it under control. What? When? "Guess what?" the lieutenant asks. "I know. I was wrong," Jane says. Amazing. "I made a mistake. And John is innocent. And if we don't do something, he's going to die." Really? How? What brought her to that conclusion?

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