Wages Of Sin

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We All Go Out the Window

So now all the cops are at the boat, and Jane's got some 'splainin' to do. "The father's involvement puts a whole new spin on the investigation," says some cop. Ya think? "We need to know friends, employees, associates -- whoever took the kid, Bancroft obviously knew him." Brilliant deduction, FBI guy. And finally we get a name for the dead man. But I still don't care! Sam tells Jane he talked to one of the Feds. "And?" Jane asks. Sam says he won't tell her until she tells him how she found the boat. Jane says she followed a couple of leads. Sam asks which ones. "Later, Sam," Jane says. "What did the Feds say? Do they really think this guy kidnapped his own kid?" Sam says they think he partnered with someone, and that they obviously had some kind of "minor disagreement." Jane asks if Bancroft is rich. They did live in a mansion, from the exterior shots. Sam says the background check missed it "the first time" and even his wife didn't know, but it turns out he was in a large six-figure debt to some Atlantic City casinos: "I guess he wasn't any better at cards than he was a kidnapping." Oh, the fun. Jane asks if it was all the wife's money. Wait, now they were rich? Sam says that the mom's money was all in a family trust and he couldn't touch it. ["That happens on Law & Order ALL the TIME: you think they're rich, but it's the wife's money, and the husband does something sinister to get him some." -- Wing Chun] The cops shake their heads. Jane: "That kid's still out there, Sam. We gotta find him." God, this writing! Why do they make it so bad!?

Jane wanders somewhere away. She passes a fence. "John," she says. John is "hiding" right on the other side of the large gas drum next to Jane. He crawls over to her. "Follow me," he says. He skitters away. Jane, on the job, follows.

We're at some truck. Jane asks Tarzan where the scent goes from here. Tarzan looks around. He touches the ground, right next to the water. "It ends," he says. Well, great. That's just great. Tarzan sits down. Jane looks out on the water. Tarzan asks why the boy's father would hurt his own child. "You really care about this kid, don't you?" Jane asks. What? Okay, Detective Jump 2 Conclusions. Tarzan: "My father died. And I was lost." Jane asks if he remembers his father. He was five, not a fetus. "A little," Tarzan says, getting up. Jane says she's going to keep looking for Jason. Tarzan says he'll help, and starts to walk away. Jane grabs his arm and says, "John." Then she says he can't help, and he already said the scent was gone. Jane: "Listen to me. Your uncle's still out there and he's still looking for you." Man, how many times has that line been said in three episodes? Jane tells Tarzan to go to Xena's, because Xena's looking for him, too. Tarzan walks away.

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