Wages Of Sin

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We All Go Out the Window

Tarzan leaps off the highway and onto some concrete, over to a fence, and down into a junkyard. Here's a place where barefoot people should jump and roam. We zoom in on Tarzan so we can know he's on to something.

Jane's surfing the web. She leans in and blinks. She looks at the picture of the boy again, and runs her mouse over the ropes used to tied him. Jane moves her mouse over to the opened Photoshop toolbar, and selects the zoom magnifying glass. The computer blips. Jane zooms the lower part of the screen, and we can see a reflection in the corner, or something written on the floor. S.E.K. it says in reverse. So that truck in Jason's bedroom, it didn't say SEX. It said SEK, but from far away, that looks totally the same.

Jane drops printouts of the zoom on Sam's desk, and says it's a reflection from the car. What car? She asks if he recognizes that logo. She says she saw it on "the little boy's" truck when she was doing an illegal search and seizure. Way to return the teddy bear, by the way. She says it's the family business. You already told us. She thinks it's where they can find Jason. Sam pulls out another piece of paper and asks which SEK would it be, as there are two dozen spread all over. Jane points at the one in Brooklyn and says that's the one. Sam asks how she knows that. Jane says it's just a hunch, but that Tarzan told her that they crossed a river. When did he do that? Sam makes a face. Jane: "Sam, later on you can be pissed at me all you want. But right now this is the best we got. And I need your help." She stares at him.

Go-go-gadget Brooklyn Bridge crosser! SEK scrap-metal yard. Sam and Jane get out of their car and find a parking lot of discarded automobiles. They wander around aimlessly. Sam sees some guy looking into the truck of a car. "Hey!" Sam calls out. "What you got in the trunk?" Sam then touches his police badge defensively, and the guy by the car goes for the gun in his waistband. He shoots at Jane and Sam. Nice to meet you too, total stranger. So nice of you to wind up this case about which we don't know enough to care. I care the most about you right now because you're going to end this bullshit. Jane and Sam shoot back at the man, who tells them that the kid's in the car, so they can't shoot at him anymore. He shoots, gets in the car, and tries to start it. Sam tells Jane to hustle over to him, but Tarzan leaps onto the car, punches through the windshield, and hurls the guy out. What to the ever. He tosses the guy on the ground in slow-motion. Tarzan goes to turn him over, but the bad guy grabs a crowbar and slams Tarzan in the temple with it. Tarzan falls over. Jane screams "No." The guy gets up. So does Tarzan. Ain't nothin' gonna break his stride. The guy pulls out his gun and aims it at Tarzan for a while. Tarzan just stares at it, even though we know he can kick it out of this man's hand. Then Jane shoots the guy in the chest instead of the arm or the leg so that they can find out where Jason might be. The guy hits the ground. Sam and Jane run over. Jane grabs the crowbar and lifts the trunk. It's empty. "How we doing?" Sam asks. "He's not there," Jane says. She leans over the bad guy and asks if Jason is alive. She asks where he is. "The trunk," says the bad guy. Jane turns around and asks Tarzan, "John! Where is he?" Tarzan looks around. Sam: "What the hell's going on?" I'm wondering the same thing myself, Sam. "He's close," Tarzan decides. There's panting, and running. Pan up to the seemingly endless lot of cars. Commercial.

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