Wages Of Sin

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We All Go Out the Window

The station. No flags at half-mast here. Jane stands in the doorway and watches all the "action" of people handing pieces of paper to each other, men rifling through file cabinets, wandering officers, and people answering phones. Oh, it just brings all of it back, doesn't it? Sam's talking to Gene as they look through some paperwork, complaining that they haven't found anything. Gene jerks his head in Jane's direction. Sam asks her if she's okay. Jane's all smiles. Everything's great. They hug. Sam asks why she's not taking the week off. Jane says she got sick of daytime television. Gene says that the lieutenant wanted Jane to take it easy. I guess the Captain got fired for being too much of a stereotype. Jane asks what they're working on, as if somehow it wouldn't be Michael's case, since they are the only cops in New York. Sam tells her not to worry about it, and that they have it under control. "Mike's case?" Jane asks. Gene and Sam stare at each other for a little while. Jane says she's fine and she wants to know. She says she's still Sam's partner. She drops her jacket and sits down for a briefing. Sam says he thought at first that it was the rich kids from the parking garage who did it, but none of them was big enough "to take Mike." That and they were busy getting arrested at the time. Sam says he now thinks there was someone else with them. At this point, the lieutenant calls Sam into his office. He stops when he sees Jane sitting there, doe-eyed. She says that whatever it is, she wants in on it. "You should be home," the lieutenant says. Jane says she'd rather work, to get her mind off whatshisname. They all lower their heads as Jane tries to remember his name. They decide to move on, anyway. Jane says "Please," so they let her in on the case.

Shot of an open email on a computer screen. "DO YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR SON ALIVE?" it says. There's a picture of a kid with tape over his mouth, crouched under a newspaper. "Ransom demand," the lieutenant informs us. The lieutenant tells us that the Feds are actually working on this case. You know what's awesome? The headline of the paper says "DEADLY DIVES." As if Michael's death would be the giant headline of the New York Star. That's so funny. The lieutenant tells Sam that they're going to take care of the parents. Sam's offended, saying he's not a babysitter, and that he wants a piece of the hot kidnapping action. But Jane, for some reason, is intrigued by the young boy's big, calm brown eyes. "Sam," Jane says, turning from the screen. "We should talk to them." And that somehow settles it. The closed captioning informs me: "[Matt Nathanson's "I Saw" plays.]" Looks like some typist is banging Matt Nathanson.

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