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We All Go Out the Window

Casa de Lost Baby. Mom's pacing while Dad's calmly sitting in his chair, listening to the police radio. Sam, Jane, and the lieutenant are the only other people in the room, and the lieutenant tells Mom that the FBI will call as soon as they see the suspect. "Don't worry, you're in good hands," an unasked Jane tells the mother. "What's taking so long?" she asks. Mom's got some serious TMJ.

We see the ransom bag in a trashcan on the street.

We see a surveillance camera set up in a building across the street.

Cop #1, holding coffee, looking around obviously.

Cop #2, wearing sunglasses, looking around shiftily.

Cop #1 with coffee and Cop #2 with sunglasses are about five feet apart.

Cop #3 is Asian Housewife Cop. She wears a ponytail, so we can see her earpiece crawling up her neck. Nice going, Asian Housewife Cop. You done fucked up this one.

Cop #4 is Rastafarian Black Guy With Toothpick. He's playing this out real cool, like, you dig?

Holy crap. "You have new mail," says the computer from the other room. (Although the closed captioning tells us they once used the AOL "You've Got Mail!", but probably couldn't get the clearance ["From a Warner Bros.-produced show on The WB? That's pretty harsh, AOL TIME WARNER." -- Wing Chun]). What a great thing to have going while you're trying to rescue your son. Anyway, Mom's a total internet junkie, so she must run to see if her soap opera mailing list is dishing any good gossip. Whoa. They've got one of those fancy computers that's in a corner without a chair, just propped on the corner of a fancy desk. And it's a fancy computer because when it gets mail, it automatically opens it. The email is of several shots of the different cops I've just described. At the bottom of the email it reads in 50 point font: "YOU LIED TO ME JASON IS DEAD [sic]." Mom's panting a little, and Dad looks fine. Well, I guess they're going to come out of this okay.

I love this, too. Back at the station, Sam's reading over what I guess is the email, and he shakes his head and makes a puffing sound. So that's it? We don't get the rest of that last scene? We still don't know why there's a kidnapping or who's kidnapping or what the hell is going on? And then when they have that huge scene, nobody does anything? We just move to the next scene? Why even bother? What does this have to do with Tarzan? Why is this show called Tarzan? Sam complains to Jane that they've tapped all of their leads "three times over." I guess there's no need to let us see any of that. "We're never gonna find the kid this way," Jane says. What way? Who's the kid? Where have you been looking? What's happening? Hello? I feel as sheltered as Tarzan. Jane thinks for a second, and then stands up. Sam asks where she's going, but Jane's on a mission. Sam even says "hey" a few times, but that doesn't stop her from just walking off the job without a word. Nice partner.

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