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We All Go Out the Window

Jane teleports over to Tarzan, who's still at the playground. She hands him the teddy bear and asks if this will work. Tarzan takes the bear and holds it. He does not sniff. Jane stares. Tarzan stares back.

Tarzan's running through New York. Really it's more of a jog, with quite the attitude. He stands on something, and suddenly he's on a rooftop, looking over a mostly empty street. He keeps running. We can see Jane running behind him, trying to keep up. Jane, don't you have a car? Tarzan leaps off the second floor he's suddenly on, onto the roof of a moving van. This gives Jane the opportunity to shout his first name a few times, and gives Tarzan the opportunity to show off more gymnastics. The driver of the van gets to yell "Hey!" twice. Tarzan runs away, giving Jane the opportunity to lean over the railing and look down. Those same four shots just keep happening in this show over and over again. The lean, the look, the jump, the shouting of first names. I'm so bored with this show. Aren't you? "Dammit," Jane says, because the detective has once again lost her stalker.

Pleasant shot of a roller blader enjoying a nice New York day.

Shot of a black SUV on another street. Jane runs down a different street. She stops running. The SUV gets closer, cutting across several lanes of no traffic. Jane sees the passenger side of the SUV open. And Jane says (say it with me, you know the words): "What are you doing here?" Doesn't anybody read this script when it's finished, or do they only write each scene right before it's shot? Richard gets out of the SUV and says he was looking for her. Jane asks how he found her. Um, you're the only cop in New York, and you're running all over town? Jane's trying to be a mean cop here, all short and curt. She asks what he wants. Richard says he'd like a friendly conversation. Jane: "Mr. Clayton, I'm not your friend, and I never will be." Burn. Richard sets his jaw and says he'll get right to the point: "Where's my nephew? I want him back." Jane asks why, and I execute the perfect TiVo pause during her eye-roll; it makes her cross-eyed with one lid almost closed. Hee. Richard says he wants to help Tarzan. Jane: "The kind of help where you shoot him with stun guns or the kind of help where you chain him up in a box?" The second one. And the first. Both. Can I answer both? Richard says they can't let Tarzan run wild in the streets "like an animal." Why not? Jane sighs. Richard says that if Jane doesn't help him find Tarzan, she's going to get hurt -- not by him, but by Tarzan: "My nephew's a savage." He says he has four men in the hospital to prove it (only four?) but that he doesn't have to show Jane to prove it because she saw it happen. Richard says it's curious that Jane's boyfriend, who was going to help Richard find Tarzan, took "a nasty dive off a ten-story building." He says that Tarzan needs to be supervised until he's rehabilitated. He needs psychiatric care: "I have all that. What do you have?" Jane looks around and swallows as Richard asks, "Good intentions?" Jane snaps, "Bye, Mr. Clayton." She turns and leaves. Richard shouts at the back of her head to be reasonable before someone else gets hurt. He's totally in the middle of traffic, by the way. But Jane leaves, and Richard finally gets back in the car. The street is completely empty, so it's easy enough to handle Richard's request to "stay with her."

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