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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Audrey: "Are you my boyfriend now? PS, my ankle's doing great."
Julian: "Are you asking me out?"
Audrey: "Yes. I already made reservations for us, despite knowing that you have a family function tonight on which your career pretty much rests. Isn't that strange? Maybe you should just take me as your date. To that shareholder meeting for a company I'm trying to destroy."
Julian: "Not even I, Julian Bowers, would do such a thing. Besides, I already did exactly that last week. I think you're forgetting that I have been living with Joanna for at least sixteen hours, and thus am madly in love with her."
Audrey: "So Lyritrol's back on track? That's good news!"
Julian: "Hanging up now. We'll bang, okay?"

Audrey: "Sounds like they bought off the FDA or something, Frank."
Frank: "Why am I not on this show all the time? I am amazing. Anyway, go find another way. Everybody's moving in with Julian, have you tried that?"


Will: "Nicole, thanks for starting a firefight for no reason."
Nicole: "Okay but now I know she's a cop, so..."
Will: "I can't talk to you right now, I have to be weird with Joanna."

Joanna: "Russian mafia we're dealing with now? This show just won't quit."
Will: "Well, hopefully the one I didn't shoot in the head was confused about whether or not you were a cop or why the other guy was shooting at you or whatever. Maybe he'll just be like, Same shit different day. Probably this won't come back to haunt us."
Joanna: "Thanks for shooting that dude in the head, bro."
Will: "Thanks for letting me invade your personal space and kiss you."
Joanna: "I'm okay with it."
Will: "I mean it didn't mean anything, you're nothing. I was just glad you didn't die."
Joanna: "You know just what to say."


USB.D.E.: "This USB drive has like twenty files on it! That'll cost you extra."
Edward: "Just confirm for me that Vivian was right, and a bunch of Thai families got paid off to hide the deadliness of my brother Julian's cancer drug."
USB: "I can do that. But also, that money came from an offshore shell corporation run by your father called Zonocorp. What I'm saying is, your father is killing everybody."


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