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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Fussy Boardmember: "Stock prices! Portfolios!"
Robert: "Don't worry about it. Take advantage of the share price while it's low."
Fussy Boardmember: "Isn't Kirschner-Sims going to beat us to market? They have such a charming CEO."
Robert, with swag: "Just wait for my amazing speech, okay?"


Carpet: "Everybody we've ever met is coming, okay?"
Motorcycle: "I would have been here earlier, except for my motorcycle. Let me tell you about that."
Mia: "I hope you still have axle grease on your hands and touch everything in this house."
Motorcycle: "This rich people party is so different from my paradigm. No trampolines or furries or photo booths or muggers or anything! What do you do for fun?"
Carpet, downing handfuls of pills: "Drugs. All of them."
Motorcycle, in an aside: "Senator Haverstock? You are invited to a party."


Julian: "I bought off that FDA guy, so we're good."
Robert: "Don't get self-righteous with me, boy. That drug will help a lot of people. And those it doesn't help, it will kill."

Society Bitches: "We couldn't help but hear about how you stole a baby!"
Sofia: "Yeah, and it was the best thing I ever did. She grew up into a beautiful, hilarious young lady with a strong sense of self, and I was able to experience motherhood."
Society Bitches: "When you put it that way..."
Sofia: "I do."


Carpet is 100 percent zoned out on Motorcycle's beautiful face. It's awesome, High Carpet is awesome. Finally Motorcycle goes, "Are you like okay?", and Carpet is just incredibly touched by this gesture. Mia can't even deal with the real-talk vibe right now though, because she is being lured into the foyer, where "some old dude" is waiting.

Haverstock: "Hey, kid."
Mia: "Get lost on your way to the Capitol?"
Haverstock: "You know your Senators! That's awesome. Robert should be proud."
Mia: "I don't think you're supposed to be here in this house, but um, Robert's not here to beat you up right now, so. If you could just come back at a more appropriate time, and also if you could overlook the drunk and stoned teens..."
Haverstock: "I've been doing that since before you were born, demonstrably. Actually I'm here to see you. I'm your dad."

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