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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Edward: "The only thing that could make tonight worse is happening right now. Guess what, it is you."
Will: "You sent your family across the country this morning. By bedtime, you have ruined a family function and quit the business and smacked your brother around. The last one I can understand, because -- and I say this honestly without bias -- he's a choad. But the others?"
Edward: "Oh my God, it's like you're not even watching this show. Vivian found evidence that proved Lyritrol's a bad drug, I told my dad, three days later she died. Then that reporter died. Then Ben Preswick died. Everybody died. I bet that USB guy is gonna bite it. Eventually we'll all die, and fuckin' Joanna will just be left to walk around our house, touching our fucking stuff, for the rest of time."


Mia listlessly shoves a mop around in a square foot of the mess, looking miserable and entitled and incompetent and wonderful.

Mia: "Can Rosita please just do this in the morning?"
Sofia: "No. We clean up our own messes. Unless it's like a double homicide or something."

Sofia takes control of the mop, very mommishly nattering on as she does. It's about the sweetest thing of this entire show.

Sofia: "God, look at you. You don't even know how to hold a mop. I grew up with nothing! I had to clean houses for extra money in high school..."
Mia: "How about instead of telling me this irrelevant story all the time, you just once had told me the more interesting one about my..."
Sofia: "I know, honey. You have had an incredibly shitty few days and I wish that I could save you from them. But I can't."

When they embrace it is, oddly, a relief. I think it's because of how much acting with the body Sofia does, like, her body is silently crying out to be closer and closer to Mia at all times, so when she finally gets a little hug it's amazing. But Mia falling into her arms, exhaustedly weeping, is even better.

Mia, sly: "Sooo now can I go to bed?"
Sofia: "No, honey! But good try. Now get going. I love you so much, baby. But I want this place spotless."

Second-best moment of the episode.


While Joanna discovers Julian's Julianless apartment and has the audacity to care where he is or what he's doing -- since he all but said, "I am not coming home tonight, because that would be weird, but I sure hope you find a new place to live soon. And that's on me, I know it is, but these are the breaks" -- Audrey answers the door to a whiny cryfaced little baby named Julian Bowers.

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