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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Edward: "Sure, in fact I'm going to see a USB drive expert later who can tell me how they work."

Turtle: "I am going to die within one day, aren't I."
Edward: "That is absolutely true. Let me apologize for that right now."


I don't know where this meeting is actually taking place, but let's just say. Nicole Frishette, the gross gossip blogger that just begged Robert Bowers to get her fired until he had no other choice, is taking a secret meet with her cutie-pie coworker, who is still working at FameJunkie.

Dude: "Once we cleaned up the funk from your sex-fest with that homeless guy, the office got back to normal pretty fast. I do need a favor. Can you get me the phone number for Blake Lively's breasts? It's very important."
Nicole: "Quid pro quo, Clarice."
Dude: "Okay, here's the number of lady who called our tip line to say she recognizes that otherwise off-the-grid woman who was seen returning from the Bahamas with Julian."
Nicole: "A tip-line crank? Excellent. Here is your breast contact info."

It's the "You Have No Pants" Lady! Good old Methhead Marci, played by the lovely Pearl Taylor. That is a pretty great callback. Although in double-checking this one, I remembered how we first met Sofia when she was scheduling a followup mammogram, which at the time seemed to foreshadow some kind of irony w/r/t her status as matriarch of Clan Lyritrol but now just gives me no end of anxiety.

Nicole: "Marci, you don't know me, but I'm the worst. You called a random place about a random lady?"
Marci: "Oh yes, Joanna Locasto. She arrested me and punched me. I was high on meth, and thus wearing no pants, at the time of our encounter. But you'll be happy to know I'm doing much better now, smoking this cigarette in an art gallery with a completely different haircut."
Nicole: "Wait, arrested you? Since I don't know anything about her or recognize her, it makes total sense for me to be confused about that in this scene."
Marci: "Bitch I said she arrested me. While I was wearing no pants. You remember things like that."
Nicole: "A cop. Interesting. I wonder if Julian knows about that? Or ooh, I wonder if she's living in his house under a fake name investigating his sister's murder that is tied to this drug fraud case and his sister/niece's parentage. I'd better go confront her directly without further ado. I bet she's going to be in a random Russian Mafia bakery in a couple hours. I'll just head over there right now."

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