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We Don't Want To Wreck But We Can Do A Lot Of Tricks

Sofia: "Bounce your ass, whore."
Haverstock: "Nice. Now, what can I do for you? You sounded nuts on the phone. Is it about Mia?"
Sofia: "[Goes nuts some more.]"

Sofia: "Actually it's about my partner in spree murder, Wyatt Scott."
Haverstock, verbatim: "What it is, to be two young rednecks in love. I remember when you first got to the Big City, you were so hot! And then we fucked and it was great, because you were also crazy. Crazy girls fuck like normal girls, but they don't enjoy it at all, so you get to drive. That's why I like hookers so much. And children."
Sofia: "A cry for help sounds different from an orgasm. Also PS you are the worst."
Haverstock: "That's my brand. Whereas you are constantly reinventing yourself."
Sofia: "Can I just say that my marriage is not a sham? I actually do love Robert."
Haverstock: "That is really sweet. Are you enjoying that vodka you're drinking straight out of the bottle?"
Sofia: "Look, I can't be having Wyatt out of jail. Fix it."
Haverstock, sweetly: "Okay."
Sofia: "Really?"
Haverstock: "Yeah, I'm one of the most honest and least malicious people on this show."
Sofia: "But I'm guessing you'll want a favor in return."
Haverstock: "Um, blowing up a person's parole who shouldn't even be in jail in the first place? Yeah, that's a chip I might call in."


Sofia, she look rough. Splayed out on a divan in the sitting room with a tall glass of whiskey and mascara literally running down her face, like Alice Cooper. It's awesome. Sofia has just gone right round. Like a record, baby.

Robert: "What's all this? Why do you have Crying In The Bathtub face?"
Sofia: "It has come to my attention that no way in hell am I going to the shareholder thing today."
Robert, verbatim: "No, not negotiable."
Sofia: "Mia thinks I'm a monster, the world thinks I'm a baby-stealing hooker. Spare me the ruthless tough-love pep talk. The only thing that would make me happy is the death of Nicole Frishette. Not out of revenge, just taste."

Robert: "I don't know if you know this, but you're kind of a bitch. It's basically your main thing. Why do you care what anybody thinks?"
Sofia: "This is about my daughter, it's different."

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