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And Then They Have Sex

Carolyn has gone in for an ultrasound, by herself. I guess since she already did her homework for the week, she figures she can ignore the "go through this as a couple" advice. The doctor operating the wand compliments Carolyn's "beauuutiful" uterine lining, and notices that there's a small follicle on her left ovary. "What?" Carolyn demands in near-panic, as though the doctor just told her that the ultrasound wand is wired to explode. The doctor assures Carolyn that the follicle will dissolve. "All it means is that you probably had two eggs this month," she says. "Are there a lot of twins in your family?" Carolyn says no, and the doctor says Carolyn's mommy-parts are all good to go. "Wait, so is it my husband?" Carolyn demands, sitting up on the table once she's free of her ultrasonic invader. The doctor says she can't know without having a look at Palek's little guys. Carolyn asks about insemination, and the doctor says Palek would bring in a deposit. "We spin it, wash it, bring it up and inseminate." But Carolyn isn't talking about her husband -- she's obviously already prepared to leave him behind, and is talking about using donor sperm. Without blinking, the doctor says it's the same procedure. I'm kind of amazed that Carolyn can treat Palek this passive-aggressively when he's not even in the building.

Carolyn is paying at the front desk when Palek calls on her cell phone. She lies that she decided to get a massage. Well, an inside massage, maybe. Palek wonders why she did that in the middle of the day, and she says it seemed like a good way to start her lunch hour. "And it was empty, which you know I love," she adds. Palek is calling from the construction site that will be her sister's house, which is currently still studs, with insulation in the outer walls. "Your father hasn't paid me yet," he says. Carolyn bitches that their dad is going to pay not only for Mason's house, but for her wedding as well. Palek asks if he should call, and Carolyn says she'll call the accountant. Palek thanks her. Would he be so grateful if he knew Carolyn had decided to start investigating their fertility issues on her own? I guess we'll never know.

Katie loiters outside the building where Dr. Foster has her office, sipping from a paper coffee cup. There must be a shop right nearby, and it's likely doing huge business without even realizing how much of its clientele is using the products as a substitute for something else. Cut to Katie in Dr. Foster's office, finishing up with giving her basic history. "I was sixteen," she says in answer to a question that we've arrived too late to hear. When she got her driver's license? Yeah, that's probably it. She's clearly uptight and hurting. "So, what's going on?" Dr. Foster asks in a crisp, confidence-inspiring way. Under Dr. Foster's questioning, Katie says she's worried about her marriage, since they're not having sex, although she lies that it's only been a few months. She smiles a bit when she answers Dr. Foster's question about David's name, which has to be a good sign. But she says that he didn't want to come because he thinks it'll make everything worse: "Once we become this couple in therapy, we can never go back to being who we were." "He's right," Dr. Foster says, and asks if Katie's okay with that. Katie doesn't know. She wants Dr. Foster to help her get him here. Dr. Foster laughs gently, and says she doesn't think she can make Dave do something that Katie can't. Katie looks disappointed.

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