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And Then They Have Sex

Meanwhile, Dave and Katie are also watching TV, and he seems to be out to break some kind of speed record for proving Dr. Foster right. As promised, he's all righteously offended that she won't tell him more about what happened at the couples counseling session that he refused to attend. "Why do you care so much?" she finally asks. He doesn't have an answer for that.

Later, in bed, he asks, "If we have sex, will all of this stop?" Yes, it's just that simple. "Maybe this is all I needed to know how much it really matters to you," he says, climbing on top of her unresisting yet also unresponsive form. "Don't," she says quietly, and he rolls back off. Instead of realizing that she's not going to let him fuck her just to prove a point, he comes to an epiphany: "You want to lay this all on me but it's you, too," he tells the ceiling in amazement. Katie doesn't deny it. And then they don't have sex.

Meanwhile, May gets into bed with her husband, kissing him tenderly and laying aside the book he's been reading. He removes his glasses and turns off the bedside lamp. But there's still enough light to see her traveling south, as the first music of the episode starts. After a moment during which we can't help wondering just how short Arthur's torso actually is, she smiles up at him, proud of her fluffing work. And then they have sex.

The song continues. Early next morning, Hugo and Jamie sleep in their navy-blue sheets, spooning with him on the right. Palek and Carolyn sleep in their brown ones with horizontal cream pinstripes, also spooning but with him on the left. Dave and Katie also sleep in their lighter brown sheets, the tops of their heads touching. Progress!

Black screen, followed by the title and the credits that normally go at the beginning of an HBO show instead of the end. Which shows a pretty unwarranted level of confidence that everyone was going to sit through the whole thing, if you ask me.

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Tell Me You Love Me




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