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And Then They Have Sex

She's still pissed at him when they get back home afterwards. He follows her into the kitchen, telling her to let it go. Dude, how long was that party? Because he's got another day's growth of beard from the previous scene. Hugo kisses her and wheedles, "Let's not talk about it." "Why not?" she asks. Instead of answering, he shoves his tongue into her mouth. Because talking makes it harder to make out, that's why.

The relocate to the bedroom. And then they have sex (another macro-worthy phrase, I'm sure). You can see balls and everything from below. And I have to say, if those two actors aren't screwing for real, I don't know where he's putting it.

Morning finds Dave and Katie asleep again, with their backs to each other in what I'm sure is meant to symbolize something much deeper than a mutual wish to avoid inhaling each other's stank morning breath. Dave wakes up to find Isabella standing in the door to their bedroom. "I need Mom," she says quietly. Katie's already up. Isabella dismisses Dave with a glare (he backs off with a crisp nod, recognizing impending "girl stuff" when he sees the signs) and whispers to Katie that she has her period. Yeah, can't get much more "girl stuff" than that. Katie is like, okay, and she gently herds Isabella off to the bathroom down the hall. I still say Isabella looks too young.

And apparently Katie agrees with me, as we see her and Dave dressed later in the kitchen. She's quietly freaking out, since Isabella's only ten. "What am I supposed to do, stick a tampon in her?...It's sickening." Wow, that's kind of harsh. With a furtive look down the hall to make sure Isabella isn't listening in, Dave points out that Bella's nearly eleven, and suggests having Isabella see a doctor. "I'm not turning her period into a circus," Katie says. Oh, why not? It'll give you all something to look forward to every month. Obviously you could use it. Dave asks what they're going to do, then, and Katie says, "Nothing." By which she actually means, "Not make this only my problem," but maybe there's another issue she could pick for that which wouldn't involve their preteen daughter's menstruation. I'm sure there are puh-lenty.

A rushed Palek meets Carolyn outside one of those medical plaza buildings. They greet each other pleasantly enough, he apologizing for his lateness and she presenting him with a coffee, and then they head inside to May's office. Okay, here's the thing. She seems like a really good therapist, at least at this stage, so I feel like I should be calling her Dr. Foster. But then she's going to be doing some pretty intimate stuff at home later that is going to make referring to her by that honorific seem kind of weird. I'm just going to shuttle back and forth with what I call her depending on context, and you're just going to have to keep up, okay? I know you're up for it. Once on the couch, Carolyn and Palek both make a big show of shutting off their cell phones, then smile up at her. "How did it go?" Dr. Foster asks them. Their smiles disappear. Dr. Foster sympathetically backstories that this is a tough one; it means they've been trying for a year. Her advice to them is, "It's crucial that you face this together as a couple." Remember that. Because they won't. Carolyn claims that that's not the problem, which she thinks they've proven just by showing up together. That seems to satisfy Dr. Foster, so she decides to move on to how they feel about not getting pregnant. Carolyn looks like she wishes she'd kept her mouth shut. Dr. Foster asks if Carolyn blames Palek. Carolyn scoffs that she doesn't. May asks if Palek agrees, which is a pretty ambiguous way of phrasing that question. Surprisingly, Palek also does not blame Palek. Dr. Foster asks how the sex is. "Great, always has been," Palek says, which would be more convincing if not for that pause beforehand, and the fact that he doesn't look at anyone in the room when he says it. Dr. Foster asks if he resents the pressure. The answer is no, but tellingly, it's Carolyn who answers for him first.

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