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And Then They Have Sex

Smash-flashback to Carolyn coming and finding Palek reading on their bed at home and announcing, "You need to fuck me right now." She says she can feel herself ovulating. "And I want it," she remembers to add, as an afterthought. Palek starts undressing, whining a bit about being treated like a sperm machine. Carolyn chuckles indulgently as she undresses, and says, "Don't give me your feminine side right now. I mean, I love that about you, but right now I just want you to fuck me. So." So Palek says no. "I'm too fucking...removed," he says. Whatever that means. By the way, I'm totally distracted by the view out the bedroom window behind them, which is not so much a window as a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall sheet of glass that looks out onto an autumnal wood and a stream flowing past. This is their backyard. No wonder they want a kid. As Palek starts putting on his shirt, Carolyn begs him not to do this, saying she needs him to be something else now, meaning -- naturally -- a sperm machine. Palek mildly throws it right back at her, meaning he needs her to quit being such a jerk. Jeez, Carolyn, maybe you should get better at managing the baby you already have instead of so desperately trying to make a new one. Oh, well. Better luck next month!

And then they're back in the office, lying to their therapist. At least that's one thing they agree on. Dr. Foster totally knows it, too, although she doesn't press the issue. She gives them homework for the week: forget about getting pregnant when they have sex. As they get up to leave, and Dr. Foster sees them out, she tells Carolyn, "Next time I'll give you a hug." Carolyn laughs, and then tells Palek, in front of her, "Go, let's go." Hey, what's the point of being a renowned therapist if you can't fuck with the heads of your more tightly-wound patients once in a while?

Outside, Carolyn passive-aggressives at Palek, "I'm starting to see who you are under pressure." "And?" Palek asks. "Nothing," Carolyn says. Palek asks why she didn't say that in the office, and she asks in turn why he didn't talk about his father. He calls her on it, and she tells him not to scream, which he's not -- it's just not a library voice. Having started the fight, Carolyn now decides to run away from it, and she gets in her car to head back to work, after having given an unconvincing impression that everything's fine now. You know, I don't happen to believe that you can accurately judge whether a couple will make good parents based on how well they interact with each other. That isn't going to stop me from doing it quietly, to myself, however.

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