Temptation Island
And Then There Were Sex

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And Then There Were Sex

Hello, kids. This is episode four. We're past the halfway mark. Whoa, did you hear that sound? That was the sounds of eight Fox executives hitting themselves in the head repeatedly for only ordering six episodes. Wait, did you hear that sound? That was the sound of Mark L. Walberg's career high point moving closer to being officially behind him. Oh, and that sound? That was my cat trying to chew her way out the screen door. Not so fast, missy. If I have to sit through Mark L. Walberg's long intro, so do you.

Okay, we start once again with the intro. You know it by heart by now, but here you go, once again: "These four couples have embarked on an incredible journey. Although they're in committed relationships...blah...test their devotion...blah...'have I found the one or is there someone better out there for me?'...blah...They were separated from their mates and sent to opposite ends of the island...blah...twenty-six singles...blah...in search of romance. For two weeks they will mix, mingle, and date...blah...the least compatible singles will be voted off the island...blah...after each date they will confront their emotions at Bonfire...blah...videotape of their partner's experiences on the other side of the island...blah...each will narrow the field to one with whom they will share an exotic final date...blah...reunite on the last night of their journey to confess their experience to each other and decide the fate of their relationship...blah...find out as these four couples embark on a once in a lifetime journey here on Temptation Island." During that epic fucking monologue, we get a fucking tsunami of images. Shots of the couples with their length of relationship posted. A shot of Billy with hair. Shot of final dinner. Meeting the singles at the swimming pool. Horseback riding. Hot tubbing. A butterfly being held on someone's stomach -- mostly likely then killing the butterfly in the process. Hot tub. More date montage. Andy is tempted. Blonde girl ho jumping on Billy. Kaya cuddling (with a girl, shockingly enough.) Girl bonfire. Mandy crying. Boy bonfire. Billy slamming his head into Andy's shoulder in pain and jealousy. Kaya kissing someone. Shannon on Dreadboy's lap. Hick blonde girl ho and Taheed snuggling. Valerie and Kaya together. Billy and Mandy. Billy sad. Shannon and Andy. Andy sad. Billy. Taheed. Yahtzee, Mandy having taken her hair out of the terrible mistake that was the Ten Buns of Ugly. Kaya all shiny. Mark L. Walberg on the beach. His arms wide open. Welcome to this place. He'll show us everything. Beach. Swirly beach. Helicopter-shot swirly beach. Logo!

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