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Mark is next. Kelley says this is no fun as her man Dances With Hos. He picks Donna. Kelley knew it would be her.

Nikkole whispers something about how Tommy thinks he can dance, but can't. Tommy is freaking with all the girls. She guesses he's going to pick "White Eye Shadow Girl." Tommy slaps Katie's ass, then picks Tiffani. Nikkole camera-talks that for Tommy to slap Katie's ass in front of her shows that he is one of the most selfish men she's ever been with. Yup.

John. He dances terribly, but at least seems to know it. Shannon does not look amused. Everyone else does. He picks Nayla, the teacher. Shannon frowns, then mouths something that looks like, "Liar" or "Like her?" to John. Mark L. Walberg asks if anyone has picked someone they've already had, and John says he has. Shannon is pissed, once again. Mark L. Walberg, all getting people in trouble. Man, he must have gotten the shit kicked out of him when he was a little kid. And strangely, no one has picked Katie. Stupid men. All of them.

Mark L. Walberg asks for the DJ to start, and the boy hos start dancing. Shannon yells for Ali to "go!" Tommy thinks Rossi's dancing is funny. Shannon dances out there, and picks Ruben. John is not happy. Shannon camera-talks that Ruben is gorgeous and seems "open and inviting."

Nikkole. "Here comes the pain," lies Tommy. Nikkole doesn't even dance, she just goes straight to Fireman Tommy. Nikkole's Tommy yells, "Damn!" Hee. Nikkole tells us that she picked him because she's just going to follow her feelings. In other words, she's fucking pissed at Tommy and the gloves are off. (And, yes, by "gloves," I actually mean "panties.")

Catherine. Mark L. Walberg says that she's a dancer, so he wants to see her work it. Not "dancer," Mark L. Walberg. "Stripper." She dances and finally picks Tony, the P.E. teacher -- the guy who is so smart he's figured out a way to get stoned and then play kickball with kids every day, and get paid for it. He seems shocked. Edmundo seems happy. Rossi is pissed. Hee. Rossi camera-talks, "Catherine picks Tony, and everyone in America goes 'What is she doing?'" If you're a total douchebag, do you know you're a total douchebag? Man alive, I hate that guy.

Kelley. She dances, and picks Keebler Tom. I know. I know. Don't get it either.

Mark L. Walberg applauds them all for their dancing skills and then babbles that it may have been painful or fun, depending, for them. Hillary is on the verge of tears, doing the hand-waving-in- front-of-her-face thing to stop herself crying. Rossi is pissed. Ali has given up on ever getting picked. Mark L. Walberg dismisses them. Hillary storms off.

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