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Guys' side. Everyone is trying to comfort Hillary on a bed (aw yeah!), and the girl hos all pile on Hillary and make her laugh, finally. Crazy crazy women. The girl hos flirt as Mark L. Walberg arrives. He gathers everyone around and gives them the boot news. They should party hard tonight. Hillary still looks like she's going to cry. "Don't waste it. Don't let tomorrow come with regrets," he says. Mark L. Walberg tools away as the girls toast and talk about friendships and cry. Kirsten is crying and is scared of being booted. Tommy and Pink both camera-talk about her and about the upcoming sadness and there is a great, telling shot of Tommy leaning against the bar and all six girls around him are turned toward him like he's telling them a story, but he's just standing and drinking. Kirsten camera-talks that she made friends and she doesn't want to leave. She's just weepy and drunk. She continues that Tommy was the only one who cared about who she was, and she loves him "to death" for that.

Night-vision. Tommy and Kirsten are on the beach and they talk and drink and kiss. She calls him sensual and sexual and passionate. Ew. We see them now getting into bed together. He takes off his shorts. Ew again. Commercials.

Next week. Mark and Kelley stir things up. Kelley is doing body shots off guys and Nikkole says she's "a breath of fresh air." Kiss her! Nikkole continues to pursue Tommy C., and it leads to their first "intimate encounter"; we see them kissing in the dark. The island will be rocked by another mysterious arrival, says The Big Voice, and Catherine looks stunned as more horses arrive carrying what looks like a guy and two new girl hos. Hm. More shocked faces. Now the booting continues as they have to say goodbye to half the hos. Rossi tells us he'll be very vocally pissed if he gets the boot. I hope he's vocally pissed, then. We dissolve as two boy hos hold hands. Ah, see, now that's a different show, people.

Ho on, everyone! See you next week.

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