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Six Against Nature

"Next Week on Temptation Island"…shots of the kids returning from their dates. Mandy and Jon are practically giving each other hand jobs in the plane. We are told that this is the dramatic conclusion that we've been waiting for. Tom and Shannon canoodle. Billy disinterestedly touches Vanessa's legs. The date night: Alison leans her head into Kaya's chest, and then we see them sleeping in the tent, holding each other like lovers. Um, does she know he's gay? Because I get the feeling she's in the dark here. We are told that the night of intimacy leads to confusion "as the couples are forced to deal with their actions." More shots of the returning date-couples, in varying states of touching. No shots of Valerie and Dano; Dano probably had to fly out on the wing of the plane so Valerie could have her space. Billy pulls out all stops on his hyperbole by saying, "I feel like I sold my soul, and now I'm in hell." Island Prettiness. Back on the island, "tension fuels fear" as the final bonfire approaches. Various shots of the kids looking nervous and sad. Mandy says that there is a "weirdness in the air." Shannon looks unhappy. I would too if I was going back with such a shitty boyfriend. "Finally, the moment of truth arrives," as we get to Bonfire. Mark L. Walberg talks alone with Valerie, who says that if Kaya did something and felt "total regret" that she could live with it. Shannon and Andy sit next to each other. Billy and Mandy. Mark L. Walberg tells them that this is the time where they can speak what's in their hearts; he asks them to be honest. Mark L. Walberg, I ask you to go try to swim back to America. A sweaty, nervous Billy tells Mandy that this is the hardest thing he's ever done. Yes, we got that a long time ago. Thanks. The voice-over tells us that then we'll get the confessions that will leave their partners speechless. A shiny-shiny Kaya tells Valerie, "There were two connections…with girls that I had feelings for." Valerie begins to cry. Mandy tells Billy that she had an "intimate moment with someone." Billy rubs his jaw. Shannon cries. Kaya says, "I have no regrets over a single thing I did here." Valerie drops her head in pain. Kaya and Mark L. Walberg just watch her. And…over.

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