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"Remote Beach 5 Miles South of Singles' Resorts," says the graphics, for those of us not only charting the show temporally, but also geographically. Ah, it's Yahtzee and Taheed's Miserable-Relationship Hideaway. How quaint. They walk along the beach, both saying, "Hey, remember back a few days ago when we didn't have to see each other and we got to make out with hot single people? That was cool." Well, they should be happy anyway -- at least they don't have to go home yet and deal with their brat of a kid. Taheed tells us that he and Yahtzee got their first chance to talk since coming on the show. We see them talking -- Taheed wanting to admit that he made out with Lisa "Alabama." Yahtzee, leaning against a palm tree, interrupts him and asks him if tongue was "involved." He says no. She asks him how he felt about it afterwards. He says that he felt nothing, but then smartly backpedals and says that he was thinking about her on the other side of the island and wondering if she was with anyone. I'm sure he was instead wishing that he could ditch the cameras and find out once and for all why they call Alabama the Peach State.

The lie has the opposite effect on Yahtzee, however, as she tells us that she hates when Taheed turns things around and makes himself look like the angel and she look like the "psychopath." They keep walking and he tells her oddly that she needs to communicate with him what she wants, now berating her round-about-ly for not sending him a tape. He's also justifying whatever he might have done on his dates. We see the tape of LaWonna telling us that Taheed told her how "this" was his "best date ever." Yahtzee says that seeing that tape hurt her and caused her to go back and jump in the hot tub, where she kissed both Evan and Johnny. Johnny got around, boy. "Really?" Taheed asks. "Tongue?" Yes, she's used her tongue. He tells her that she went "buck wild," and she responds that all he had to do was send her a tape. We see a flashback of him refusing to Mark L. Walberg. Yahtzee yells at him that he thinks it's all her fault now, even though he's the one that's been cheating. They walk off, Taheed telling her that if she really wants to do something, why just do it on Temptation Island, rather than back home. I don't get his logic one iota. Then again, it is Taheed. Logical thought doesn't seem to be his strong suit. They bitch on down the beach, Taheed telling Yahtzee cryptically that she "bring[s] on [her] woes."

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