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Boy side. Girl Hos leave. Megan The Dissed is sad. Carla, readying to de-annoy the island by leaving, says that she's sad she's going to miss out on the "big, crazy" final dates. She goes on to bitch that she thinks the right girls were picked for the final date "because these guys need to figure a few things out." Hey Carla, how are those grapes? Sour? Yeah, that's what I thought. Slo-mo hugs. We don't even get a final shot of my girl Britt. Fox, you suck; how you gonna bring a girl onto a show and then ignore her ass so completely like that? Well, Britt, I hope you had a good time anyway. Gimme a call, girl. Carla says that she's glad Kaya is going out with Alison because she thinks he is the one who most has to get rid of his girlfriend. Duh. More slo-mo hugs. Andy hugs Megan. Megan tells us that she's been through a lot and that it's hard to be vulnerable. She wishes she were holding it together a little better, as she begins to cry. Billy waves to the girls as the Pan Flute of Non-Star-Makery wails. Megan goes on to say that she needs Kaya to know that she really felt the way she felt and that she wasn't "faking it." She cries, staring at her finger for a long time. Man, she had a time-compressed emotional connection (like at camp) with a most-likely gay man, and can't recognize it for what it is? She shouldn't be teaching anyone, let alone children. The Girl Ho Boat O' Rejects disappears. It would be funny if it crashed into the Boy Ho Boat O' Rejects. I mean, funny in a theoretical way, not that I wish actually death on anyone. Okay, well maybe Sean the Masseur, but he's already in Hollywood by this point, trying desperately to get into SkyBar on the Temptation Island tip, and failing. And…commercials.

Could I be less excited to a Brat Pitt / Julia Roberts movie than I am to see The Mexican? I doubt it. There is just something very unappealing about it.

"Day 11" still. "Yahtzee and Taheed Decide the Fate of Their Relationship." I love that they're being asked to do this on the show. As if it's Mark L. Walberg's business. Anyway, Yahtzee walks into a hut and there are lots of candles around. Mark L. Walberg tells her that he's been thinking about them and about how their "journey" has been unique and different from the other couples' and wondering if they've gotten any answers to their questions -- basically still trying to work the angle of Sure, This Show Does Anyone Any Good. "Not totally, no," says Yahtzee. Mark L. Walberg asks why she likes Taheed. Yahtzee says something cryptic about "what you guys see?" and goes on to say that he's a charmer -- but really her answer is simply saying that people think he's a great guy but they have no idea because they don't have to date him. Mark L. Walberg goes on to ask what she thinks Taheed wants out of the relationship and she says that she has "no idea." Mark L. Walberg smiles, sadly. She goes on to say that she cares "to a certain extent." He then asks if Taheed says that he wants to rebuild the relationship and he loves her, is she prepared to hear it. She says she "won't" hear it but he won't say that because he's already told her that they should go to counseling. That is a good thing, but definitely means they're not at that point yet. There is a funny and long beat of tense silence between Yahtzee and Mark L. Walberg before he says that he's going to go talk to Taheed alone, and then ask both of them for a decision on what the future of their relationship is going to be.

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