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Taheed now. Mark L. Walberg asks him which of the questions he came to answer have been answered. (I know one question he got a "Yes" to: Will Fox be stupid enough not to discover the fact that we have a kid?) Taheed says that this whole thing was for Yahtzee, and that he was going to prove his trustworthiness, and that this was Yahtzee's chance to do what she needed to do. He goes on to say that he wanted to figure out how close they are, and he's not sure he's gotten an answer. Mark L. Walberg then asks what about Yahtzee made him love her. Taheed gives a very funny answer: "All the cheating, all the other stuff aside, she has always been there for me." Can you think of a more self-serving reason to love someone? I don't think I could, and I'm pretty fucking imaginative when I want to be. I think Tom Cruise's love for Nicole Kidman was more genuine. Taheed goes on to dig himself even deeper by saying that Yahtzee early on warned him that she loves "too much" and that it's a compulsive and obsessive kind of love. Mark L. Walberg asks whether, in the last few days, they've really discussed things and have "gone there." Taheed says that they've "gone there" a few times, but mostly it's been good. I'm not sure I want to know what either of them mean by "going there" and why the hell they both understand and I don't. Taheed says that they've begun to get to know each other all over again, somehow. Mark L. Walberg tools that Taheed's view of things might be different from Yahtzee's, and asks if he's prepared for that possibility. "Absolutely," he answers. Mark L. Walberg gives his assface "Wow, I really don't believe you but I'm going to keep nodding" look, before saying that he's now going to let Taheed have "that conversation" with Yahtzee.

So now Yahtzee and Taheed are in the hut together sitting on the couch. Mark L. Walberg tells them that they can now tell each other what they think about the relationship and what they want to do. Taheed turns to her and says, "Yahtzee, we've been together for five years…" Wow, and he seems so happy about it. Basically he goes on to say that they've had a kid together and they love him, and though they've had troubles, he doesn't want to say that he's wasted five years. He says, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Wow. Whoa. Yahtzee can't believe it either and gives Mark L. Walberg a funny look. Taheed starts to sweat alla sudden as he continues that he hopes she loves him and that they're going to get "help" and they need it and "I want you to be with me forever." Yahtzee allows herself a brief but genuine and huge smile. Man, how am I touched by this? Okay, it must be the fact that I'm sleep deprived, or very hungry, or maybe, just maybe, it's actually very touching. I guess it could be. Anyway, she asks Mark L. Walberg if she should respond, and he says, "I think you should." Ha. Tool. She turns to Taheed and says that she's always loved him and that they have created a beautiful son, and with counseling, "I would not mind spending the rest of my life with you." They kiss and she turns and whispers, "Okay, Mark." Mark L. Walberg makes a pathetic "tying it all together" hand motion as he asks if their journey on the island has made them come to this decision because he's surprised. "I think to an extent," Taheed answers. But then he disappoints Mark L. Walberg by saying it is just due to the fact that they've been able to spend time together, not really because of anything having to do with the show. Mark L. Walberg leaves them alone for a minute and Yahtzee tells Taheed that he caught her off-guard. He unconvincingly says that's what he felt, as we watch him begin to sweat something terrible, while she stays totally dry. Man, he's dripping wet. He says that he's sure they expect them to "bash" the show, but things happen for a reason and it's made them make some decisions. He looks very nervous and sad. In slo-mo, she wipes his sweaty, nervous man brow. Commercials.

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