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Ho three times on the island if you want meeeee

Back. Island Prettiness. Hillary fans herself. The girl hos wait. The guys sit. A boat comes by. Long shots of nothing. Here come the ladies and the boy hos. They make illicit eye contact. Weird montage. Music. Mark L. Walberg announces that it's time for date selection. Applause. He announces that all the couples decided to get rid of the blocks. Misleading edits. Misleading edits. The kids get to ask people out on dates, but not someone they dated already. First is John. He picks Linda, the heavy smoker who was just unblocked from him. He says it was a "very talented block." Shannon camera-talks that Linda dissed her at bonfire and now she's upset. Naturally, she laughs.

Tony is next. He picks Katie, the girl with a lot on the inside who did the impression of Catherine. Me likes her Student/Waitress self a lot. Genevieve smiles. She camera-talks that the "theatre of the mind" can come up with incredible scenarios, and "we're women" but she's not going to worry about it.

Tommy. He picks Pink. She adjusts her cock and walks over. Mark L. Walberg does a rock-and-roll sign when he repeats her name. It's the toolishest thing he's done so far. Goddamn, it's funny shit. They hug. Nikkole camera-talks that if Tommy likes "sleaze," that's fine with her. Hee.

Edmundo picks Donna. I won't say anything about her. Catherine now camera-talks that the whole time she was trying to catch Edmundo's eye, but she couldn't, and maybe he saw something at bonfire that pissed him off. Or maybe he just doesn't love you.

Catherine picks Keebler Tom. Edmundo watches. He says that Catherine was "disrespectful" because K.T. already dissed her by not picking her before, and now she's picking him. Shut up.

Genevieve picks Ruben, the champion kickboxer. He says that he loves Genevieve but since she's already "over it," he's rather just hang with the guys. So would Mark L. Walberg.

Nikkole is next. She picks Tommy the NYC Firefighter, I guess so that if she fucks him, she won't have to worry about calling out the wrong name. She says that Tommy is "so hot" and "so perfect" and she's never run into a guy like that before. (The obvious question: is Tommy still alive? Yikes. We all hope so.)

Mark L. Walberg picks Shannon's name out. Stupid, it's the last one. Hee. She picks Jeff. Nikkole laughs. Shannon says that he seems nice and he seems fun. The dates start soon, Mark L. Walberg says, and dismisses them.

Now Shannon says that honestly she got the short end of the stick, and since she and Genevieve promised to go out with Jeff and she had to pick last, she got "screwed." Aw, fucking harsh.

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