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I'm Not a Skank, Not Yet a Hooker

Ooh. We learn, during a video montage, via titles, what became of the couples. Goody!

"Moments after final bonfire, Catherine and Edmundo exchanged intimate details about their island experience. Before the night was over...they decided to end their 3 year relationship." Heeeeeeeeeee. See ya!

"Upon returning to Florida, Kelley moved out of Mark's house. They remain friends." Sure they do.

"John and Shannon sequestered themselves in Shannon's house for 5 passionate days. John moved in a few days later." Wow. "Sequestered." There's a word 75% of the TI2 audience doesn't know.

"After returning home, Nikkole packed up her things and moved to Los Angeles. 2 months later, she moved back to Chicago...and is once again living with Tommy." Aw! Rip-off!

Well. I don't know what to say, kids. Every ending is like a little death. And maybe you and I will be like Edmundo and Catherine. We'll think things are fine but then we'll never see each other again. Or maybe, just maybe, we'll be like Tommy and Nikkole. Things will look hopeless for us, and we'll venture out on our own. But then two months from now...we'll turn tail and come running back to each other. Let's hope.

Good night, Mark L. Walberg. Wherever you are.

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