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I'm Not a Skank, Not Yet a Hooker

Edmundo. In slo-mo. Catherine smiles at him and he looks away. It's Edmundo's turn to talk first, and Mark L. Walberg tells him not to leave anything unsaid or leave with regrets. Edmundo starts by saying that it was different than he thought it would be. He didn't think he'd have much feeling and didn't at the beginning, but then he met someone who was nice and had "a lot of qualities." (Read: gave good head.) This is Hillary. He says they had "intimate moments," and Catherine looks ready to kill, as Edmundo babbles on about getting lost in the moment. (Read: her mouth.) He leaves out the part about Hil going fucking psycho on him and having to be carried off the island in chains, but that's for another time. Edmundo goes on about this being the first feeling of romance he's had other than with Catherine. Huh? Edmundo tools on that it bothers him that Catherine has flirtatious eyes, and that when they brought "this character Brian" on -- and Catherine smiles -- that she gave Brian the "fuck me" eyes and Edmundo thought they were only for him. Dude, they're for everyone. How do you think she got a couple national tours? Her "talent"? Edmundo says that the middle of his journey was for him, and that he hung with Linda. Catherine goes cold again. Like a faucet, this girl. Edmundo says something unintelligible about how in your life you're always sometimes going to meet someone you think you could really be with and what a perfect fit. He goes on that he wasn't looking for someone...but whether it moves to a higher level or stays as friends is not for him to say right now. Whoa. He goes on that he'd be cheating himself and her if he didn't "explore Linda" off the island. Heeeee. Catherine is sharpening her claws. Edmundo adds on that he loves Catherine, but that there may be other possibilities and feelings involved and he just knows that he can't deny a feeling that was created on this island...but at the same time he thinks that if his love for her were true, he would be willing to give them a chance and so his final decision is basically to work things out with her but he knows she might not accept what he's saying and she might not want him to explore the situation he's found here on the island. Okay: whoa! Edmundo is saying that he'll chill with Catherine but that he's going to be fucking Linda also, and can Catherine accept that? Goddamn, that's funny. (The best part is when he's talking about Linda the music is all sad...and then when he basically says he'll still fuck Catherine, the music gets all end-of-A.I. and redemptive. Fucking funny.) Okay, let's see what happens now....

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Temptation Island




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