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Tommy and Kishi at a waterfall. Tommy picked Kishi because she has an inner and outer beauty. She tells us that there is chemistry. He doesn't want to be anywhere else. How romantic. How much of a lie.

Ali and Nikkole go to a wildlife refuge. They watch a worker feed a baby monkey. Ali tells us that, at first, he thought Nikkole was kinda gnarly-looking, but as he gets to know her, he finds that she has an "exotic look" to her. Hee.

Genevieve and Keebler Tom are snorkling. They like each other. Genevieve says they had a great time "being funny together." He is the opposite of Tony, and that's why she likes him. Yikes.

Sad, stunted Tony rip-cords with Linda. She puts down her cigarettes long enough to slide down the cord. Tony camera-talks that it was nice to have some attention focused on him for a change. Poor Tony. Linda says that she's outgoing. Tony thinks they got closer. She camera-talks that Tony needs to be more of a "man" and "step up to the plate." Lord. She goes on that he has a good personality and a lot to give, but "it doesn't come out the right way." Goddamn. Ouch. Yikes. Yow. Oof.

Night. Candles. Jeff says that his date with Catherine fizzled. They eat. She tells us that he's playing the good guy, but really isn't.

Edmundo and Tiffani. He's Tiffani's dream guy, and she thinks Edmundo is settling for Catherine. As they eat dinner, she says, "You can feed me one of your nuts, if you'd like." She wins. She wins. Game over. Edmundo thinks she has herself together and is "more into emotions" and his goals and what he wants out of life. Huh? He wants to give her a hug, he says.

Keebler Tom says, "Did you know I have two cats?" Genevieve says no. He says, "That's because you haven't asked one thing about me!" He tells us that Genevieve is different than he thought. She reveals to him that she was "fixed" -- she had her tubes tied. Ew. She explains that she has no regrets and then babbles. She's very odd. Keebler Tom asks for the check.

Linda is probing very carefully with sad Tony; he says that before Genevieve, he always thought he'd have a "model" family and have two and a half kids and drive a mini-van. She camera-talks that she thinks the kids thing bothers him. He's afraid of being alone, she thinks. He says that there are a lot of things you can do to decide your fate, but that more often important things are decided for you. Oh, no. No! Tony, you need to get out. Now. Commercials.

Guys' side. Night. Post-dates. Edmundo says that they got back from their dates to a full-on party. The girls are all dancing and everyone is having fun and drinking. Tommy started dancing and "kicking it," he says. Hugging and dancing. Someone talks about "living in the moment." Hillary is on Edmundo, and we see Tiffani talking to some other girl ho about how ever since they got back from their date, Hillary has been riding Edmundo's jock like Willie Shoemaker. She's upset. Now he's sitting and Hillary is, indeed, hanging all the fuck over him. She camera-talks that she luvs Edmundo, and when he's across the room she wonders what he's thinking. As Edmundo speaks, she holds his face and puts her Laura Dern smile inches from his at all times. She licks his neck as she tells us that she's there to comfort him, and that she knows what he's "going through." Ho ho ho ho ho. Now Edmundo tells us that he thinks Hillary is cool, but that if she could bring her playfulness "up to a woman level" and be more mature, she would be "out of this world." Harsh.

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