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Let's Go To The Videotape

Now Pink comes over to Edmundo and hangs on him and Hillary is mad. She gets all Glenn Close as she tells another girl ho that she's pissed. Pink is just staring at Hillary, laughing, and pinching Edmundo's nipples. Now Hillary is sitting away from them, alone, fake smiling. Edmundo says it was innocent and he doesn't want to narrow it down to one girl. Hillary is all crying. Hillary walks away as she lie-overs that everyone was getting all "flirty and kissy" and she just wanted to get away. Man, go make sure your rabbit isn't in a pot, Edmundo. Now alone on the beach, Hillary camera-talks that Tommy told her Edmundo liked her, but she's not "impressed" with Edmundo kissing everyone. She walks off.

Pool. Tiffani is dissing Hillary, for getting upset, to another girl ho. Pink kisses Edmundo, then lapdances him. Tony watches. Tommy gets a lapdance from some girl ho. Tommy spouts this piece of wisdom to us: "Everyone needs some lapdances, if you ask me." Ha. Girl hos watch. Nikkole and Catherine are going to be pissed, say the girl hos. The boy-riding continues with the kissing as well. Edmundo voice-overs that he and Catherine made a pact to look up at the moon when they were feeling lonely, but that night he forgot about the moon. Yeah, you did. Kissing. Kissing. Moon! Commercials.

Morning. "Day 7." Edmundo wakes up to a note from Pink, saying that "it's all good" and "no regrets." He thinks it's funny and that she "connected" with him on a different level and she could "bring out" something in him. Yeah, I know what she can bring out. Poor Hillary. Oh yeah, and poor Catherine. There are levels within levels of jealousy here. It's very confusing.

Night again. Ah, it's bonfire. Mark L. Walberg calls Tony "Tone." Hee. The guys sit. Mark L. Walberg explains that at this bonfire, the guys will have the choices. The tapes this week will be a "Secret Admirer" tape for each temptee. Lord. Basically, it'll be the boy hos revealing their crushes on the girl temptees, and girl hos revealing their crushes on the boy temptees. (I'll bet they had to force someone to do one for Tony.) If they choose to see their girlfriend's admirer, then the girls will get to see those tapes, and also get to see the boy's secret admirer. What are we, seven? Anyway, it's Tony's turn first. He wants to see the tape. Mark L. Walberg wants to be part of it, but he can't, and has to return to his side of the bonfire as Tony and Co. watch the tape. It's Ali calling Genevieve "G-funk" and saying that they're both outgoing and he's "banking" on the fact that they'll get to go on a fun date later. Tony shows a tiny bit of cojones as he makes a reference to Ali being short. He calls Ali a "character," and lies that he's glad Genevieve is "being herself." Whatever. Mark L. Walberg asks whether anyone else has a "burning urge." I think Edmundo probably has a sort of a burning after last night.

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