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Man, I'm really on a roll with this interviewing thing. After my interview with Msaada from Road Rules, they're clamoring to be party to the interview stylings of Stee. Okay, that's not really true. But apparently a few of the girl hos fromTemptation Island stumbled upon my recaps and enjoyed them, good-naturedly looking past the occasional barb, and contacted me. We're talking Britt, the lawyer from New York City, and Elizabeth, the real estate lady also from Manhattan. Now Britt, the observant might remember, was the object of my curiosity, seeming to be the most real and normal of the girl hos, and all but disappearing once she was introduced on the premiere episode. Elizabeth was all over the place, notably becoming the object of Andy's lust after Megan dissed him by smooching Kaya; she was his partner for the final "Dream Date." (You'll remember, that date didn't go so well.)

So after these two now fast friends contacted me, I jumped, asking them for an interview. They agreed. But being that they live three thousand miles away, I was not able to meet them for chili and salad this time. So we turned to AOL Instant Messenger. We're twelve.

Okay, here's the interview:

Stee: Howdy.

Britt: Hey can you give us a few minutes? We just got home and are eating dinner; is that okay?

Stee: Oh for fuck's sake. No, sure. See you in fifteen.

Fifteen minutes pass. I watch Gilmore Girls (shut up) and smoke. Rock and roll.

Britt: Okay, we are ready.

Stee: Okay, tell the people a little bit about yourselves.

Elizabeth: I am Elizabeth. I live in NYC and I am a real estate agent. I grew up in Miami and moved here the day after high school graduation.

Britt: I'm Britt. I also live in NYC and I'm a lawyer...and of course we are also both professional temptresses. :)

Stee: I'm not putting that smiley in. Britt, have you lived in NYC a long time?

Britt: I grew up on Long Island and lived in New York City for the past five and a half years.

Stee: And what kind of lawyer are you?

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